The Strategies applied by Emirates airlines

This study talks about Emirates Airlines. The first portion of the study concentrates on the gross revenues and net income tendencies, the market portion and provides in deepness cognition about company ‘s market environment and its competition. It so explains the assorted selling schemes and the company ‘s selling mix. Finally this study talks about the company ‘s current place with the aid of assorted matrixes.

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The journey of Emirates started in March 1985 when The Dubai authorities provided it with two aircrafts and a capital of 10 million $ . It started due to cut dorsums in finishs from Gulf Air and has evolved as one of the best service suppliers worldwide. Their very foremost air path was from Dubai to Karachi followed by Delhi and Bombay. Within its first twelvemonth of operations emirates flew 26000 riders and carried 10000 dozenss of cargo. Since so Emirates has seen merely net incomes except for the 2nd twelvemonth of operations when it made a loss. The most of import factor lending to its success was the Gulf war which kept all the other aircrafts outside the gulf country. Every twelvemonth its grosss increased by 360 million Dirhams making approximately 42477 million dirhams in the 2008-2009. Emirates now flies to over 100 finishs in 60 states and operates 700 flights a hebdomad.

THE Selling Environment


Emirates is chiefly involved in the air power industry, nevertheless it besides has many other subordinate concerns. The emirates group owns two chief corporations, viz. Emirates and Dnata. Dnata is one of the taking travel organisations in the Middle East and is responsible for managing lading incline and proficient services at the Dubai international airdrome.

Emirates and Dnata incorporate the undermentioned divisions in footings of finishs and leisure direction. Emirates has Emirates vacations, Arabian escapades, Congress Solutions International, Emirates Tours, Wolgan Valley Resort and watering place, Timeless watering place and Dubai desert preservation modesty. It has besides diversified into Emirates Sky Cargo which is presently the most profitable, Skywards, Emirates functionary shops and Em quest, Emirates Aviation College and Emirates Engineering. Dnata on the other manus grips Dnata Ground Handling, Marhaba, Dnata Cargo ( the most profitable ) , Dnata Travel Services, Mercator, Transguard and Dnata World.

Pest analysis

Political analysis

Emirates is successful chiefly because it operates through protectionism. Since its constitution it has been protected by the authorities ‘s ordinances and policies. The Dubai authorities being the sole proprietor of the industry makes it executable for the company to adhere to the policies given by each authorities therefore guaranting the successful and effectual running of the company ‘s concern. Furthermore the company besides has formulated its ain schemes against any authorities limitation and restrictions.

Economic analysis

Emirates being one of the universe ‘s largest and competitory company, is economically stable. Regardless of all the dangers that the company encounters in different parts of the universe, the direction of Emirates sees to it that they are able to get the better of all hurdle therefore accomplishing a better economic status.

Social analysis

Emirates is affected by the state of affairs prevailing in the society in which they operate. The addition in the figure of exiles in Dubai leads to an addition in the net income border as they use the air hose to go back place. Emirates besides tries to guarantee that the society is given equal opportunities of taking advantage of the services provided by them

Technological analysis

IT developments have affected Emirates in a major manner. The company uses different IT/IS system and makes usage of the cyberspace to pass on with their clients and staff. Besides this, Emirates besides uses installations like ego and on-line cheque in for riders to better their services and operations.

General environment

Air pollution is a definite environmental jeopardy that any air hose needs to see. Emirates has taken assorted stairss to cut down their part, the most of import being their advanced and fuel efficient aircraft fleet. They burn less than 4 liters for every 100 rider kilometres. Because of their efficient hub based operation lesser figure of flight are needed to transport riders and lading.

THE Competition

Main rivals

The chief rivals of Emirates being Lufthansa, British Airways and Air France are the lone air hoses that can supply superior service and comparable in flight experience.

Gross saless and net income tendencies

The primary rival is British Airways. After doing a loss for the past two old ages they announced a pre revenue enhancement net income this September of ?158m change by reversaling last twelvemonth ‘s losingss of ?292m.Their operating net income was up by ?370m & A ; entire gross by 8.4 % .

With respects to their gross revenues their rider grosss were up by 7.9 per centum and overall outputs improved by 17.2 per centum

Market portion

The market portion of British air passages is 45 % and is greatest in flights from Heathrow to United States.

Target market

British air passages caters to international upscale, concern and pleasance travellers in the age group of 30 – 50 who are able to afford their services.

THE Company

Gross saless and net income tendencies

In 2010 Emirates recorded an unprecedented 415.7 % leap in net net incomes. Their net incomes jumped to $ 964 million from $ 187million last twelvemonth. This singular growing was achieved during planetary economic recession by seting a halt on new enlistings.

In the same twelvemonth the air hose carried 20.8 % more riders as compared to last twelvemonth.

Market portion

Emirates histories for about 40 % of all flight motions in and out of the Dubai international airdrome with an purpose of increasing it to 70 % by 2010.

Undertaking focal point

The organisation emphasizes greatly on its merchandise, trade name, theoretical account, division, section and state. Equally far as its merchandise is concerned Emirates has a newer and more fuel efficient fleet of aircrafts as compared to the other air hoses. Emirates is one of the biggest trade name names and enjoys first-class trade name trueness as it does n’t allow its clients down. Concentrating on the theoretical account of its aircrafts emirates has ordered about 90 A380s which are presently the most efficient aircrafts. The air hose segments its riders harmonizing to economic system, concern category and first category riders. Emirates uses Dubai as its chief hub for stop overs during long draw flights which proves to be really advantageous.

SWOT analysis





Emirates is globally recognized in the air hose industry

It incurs high operating costs as it invests to a great extent in new aircrafts

Announcements have been made by World travel and touristry saying that there will be an exponential addition in the figure of UAE tourers.

Rivals like Singapore air hoses, Lufthansa and British air passages pose a major menace

It has the advantage of size and can provide to a diversified market instead than being restricted to limited figure of finishs.

It is non low-cost for the budget and in-between category riders.

It has the advantage of perforating new markets because of its addition in the fleet size and figure of finishs

Potential Increase in operational costs due to increase in fuel monetary values, insurance and security costs

It is able to quickly accommodate to the altering market conditions and hence maximize net incomes

It is a comparatively new air hose established in 1985

It has the ability to enter markets where cyberspace acceptances is the norm.

Carriers like air Jazeera and air Arabia are low cost air hoses and therefore preferred by certain clients.

More fuel efficient and newer fleet of aircrafts as compared to other air hoses.

It does n’t hold a major presence in the capital of UAE ( Abu Dhabi )

A lessening in the operational costs due to the new A380s would assist to provide to budget travelers

A pandemic or terrorist onslaught may take to passenger insecurity.

Selling Scheme


Emirates segments its market into two major classs, the profitable ( concern travellers ) and the unprofitable 1. These can be farther divided on the footing of the mean length of trip, the frequence of trips and the trade name loyal clients.

Business category riders are the most profitable to Emirates and are willing to pay for their epicurean services as monetary value is comparatively inelastic for them. Emirates offers these travellers great Wifi services and more room to work and therefore they prefer nonstop trips.

Emirates loses out where the economic system category travellers are concerned as they are really monetary value elastic and prefer to take low cost bearers.

Brand loyal clients are those who have been winging with emirates for old ages irrespective of their monetary values and rely on the quality and repute of the air hose.


Emirates caters to high ranking executives and business communities belonging to the age group of 30-60 who are looking for luxury and comfort in travel. It serves all clients irrespective of nationality.


Emirates positioning scheme is chiefly benefit oriented and purposes at offering alone services. Emirates positioning is cosmopolitan, advanced and offers good value for money.

Where concern and first category riders are concerned emirates positioning is one of high quality, luxury and comfort on board.

For households, Emirates places itself as a premiere air hose supplying a complete and gratifying inflight experience

British air passages positioned itself as a trade name that provides first-class quality and service but the losingss incurred over the past 2 twelvemonth tarnished the trade name name and image.


Emirates ranks foremost when it comes to distinction. Emirates was the first to implement modern engineering like nomadic phone use on board, cyberspace browse and the Sun and Moon construct. They besides offer services like lavishing on board for first category riders and complimentary chauffer services.

Growth scheme

Emirates from the really beginning has adopted an aggressive growing scheme. Their net income figures show an one-year addition without fail excluding the 2nd twelvemonth of operations. Emirates has been continually spread outing their rider capacity and figure of finishs.

The scheme employed by them relies on the acquisition of fuel efficient epicurean aircrafts and competent staff and the ability taking to take down operational costs.

The company ‘s thin direction construction and speedy determination devising ability besides plays a conducive function.

THE Selling MIX

Monetary value

Emirate uses the premium pricing scheme because it offers epicurean and high quality services that merit more money as compared to other air hoses. It targets those clients who demand better services irrespective of monetary value.


Emirates, owns fleet of 120 broad bodied aircrafts and flies to 108 finishs in 60 states over 6 continents. Emirates about doubles its fleet every twelvemonth. This twelvemonth Emirates received 12 A380s and has placed an order for another 78 A380s. Prior to this Emirates purchased 8 Boeing 777 bottom aircrafts.

Topographic point

Dubai serves as the chief hub of Emirates as it occupies a really strategic place in footings of its location and oil militias. In add-on to having its ain airdrome terminus in Dubai Emirates has 11 travel stores in UAE and 122 travel stores worldwide aimed at supplying superior services.


A combination of both traditional and modern selling methods is employed by emirates. Ads in newspapers, magazines, telecasting and hoardings along with a web site in 9 different linguistic communications are some illustrations. The purpose is to make clients of all nationalities. The primary manner nevertheless in which emirates promotes itself is through organisation of different events to increase trade name consciousness.


Emirates non merely concentrate on the satisfaction of clients but besides on the satisfaction of stockholders, employees and the general populace.In twelvemonth 2010 when emirates announced a net income of $ 964 million, it besides announced a fillip 3 hebdomads for its employees and portion monetary values rose by about 2.6 %


Emirates provides an overall synergistic experience to its clients on board. Using its web sites people situated throughout the universe can non merely book themselves on a flight but can besides supply elaborate penchants on their pick of seats or repasts.

Physical grounds

Emirates understands that physical grounds is highly of import for an intangible merchandise and hence attempts to present excellence in quality. Emirates attempts to expect its clients ‘ outlooks and supply value for money.


Emirates AIRLINESC: UserskarunaDesktopmatrix.png

Emirates is a hard currency cow when it comes to the BCG matrix. As a leader in the mature market the company exhibits greater return on assets than the market growing rate and hence generates more gross than they can devour. This organisation is able to fund its ain research and development to serve its debt and to pay dividends to its stockholders. Since emirates generates a stable hard currency flow its future hard currency flows can be determined with sensible truth

Product life rhythm


Emirates originated in 1985 with two aircrafts provided by the Dubai authorities and a capital of merely 10 million. Its first finish was Dubai to Karachi and subsequently Bombay and Delhi were added.


Emirates became the fastest growth by 1990s. Their grosss increased by about $ 100 million every twelvemonth making about $ 500 million in 1993. The primary factor lending to its growing was the gulf war. In 1993 emirates carried 6800 1000 riders and 1.6 million dozenss of lading.


Emirates is now in its adulthood phase. In position of heavy competition, Emirates is concentrating on heavy advertisement and publicity. They have added big figure of finishs to their list and mean on adding many more. With the growing in rider Numberss worldwide Emirates is expected to keep its current growing form.


Evaluation of the company ‘s current place

Emirates produced a net net income of $ 964 million in the first 6 months of 2010. The company has seen a pronounced addition in rider traffic, transporting 15.5 million riders the highest of all time for a first six month coverage period.

Evidence of company ‘s success

Emirates has made an unbelievable net income of 3538 million dirhams and its gross revenues increased by 3.6 % from the old twelvemonth. Evidence has been attached in the appendix

Prospects of future growing

Emirates purposes at runing 120 airbus a380swhich implies that it would hold to put an extra order of 30 aircrafts deserving $ 10 billion. With an addition in the fleet size emirates would be able to increase their figure of finishs taking to an overall addition in grosss


Emirates growing during the past 25 old ages has been phenomenal and it aims at keeping the current growing rate of 20 % per annum. Emirates has an highly strong trade name name which attracts client trueness. It has achieved this by implementing the latest engineering and has positioned itself as a precursor in the air power industry.

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