The Major Emphasis On Passenger Revenues Marketing Essay

Harmonizing to the study which is submitted to the authorities of Pakistan by public histories commission that Pakistan international air lines holding Rs 5.40 billion loss during January 2010 to may 2010, besides the excess load the budget of PIA after the verification of impermanent staff to lasting staff late.

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PIA has to be suffer Rs1 billion yearly, merely because of the regularisation of impermanent staff.

Harmonizing to the study Pakistan international air lines owed Rs 108 million from Habib Bank Limited on June 30, 1988 on 10.5 per centum involvement even PIA has Rs 277 billion in their ain history so it mean they have got loan without any planning.

Harmonizing to the studies PIA holding 17,800 employees, which is bing about RS 1.80 billion and bearing Rs 3 billion yearly for their benefits like medical and TA & A ; DA etc. and free international tickets for their employees which is another unneeded load.

Another major factor that is straight consequence PIA by devaluation of rupees with mention to US dollar that cost PIA about RS 1 billion.

Selling Plan


Company Profile:

Name of Company: Pakistan International Air lines. Nature Of Business: Air Line Services

company Heart: PIAC

Net premium: 2007 PKR 70,480,734,000

2008 PKR


Share Price: PKR 3.17 while shuting for 2009 was PKR 2.61

Market Capitalization: 6,703,472,884

Entire Loss for twelvemonth 2009. PKR 5822 million ( as of 31st December 2009 )

History of PIA.

After Independence of Pakistan in 14th grand 1947, Pakistani authorities feels the importance of air lines so they have decided to set up national flag bearer air lines in 1951. And named it PAKISTAN INTERNATIONAL AIR LINES ( PIA ) .

Snap Shot of History:

Established in 1951

Ordered four aeroplanes Lockheed L-1049C Super Constellation.

First local Flight 07 June 1954 Between Karachi to Dhaka.

First international flight Karachi to London via Cairo.

First air line with air jet air trade in Asia in 1960. Flown to Karachi to London and so extended to other portion of the universe.

Vision of PIA

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PIA vision is to be a universe category air line run intoing client chance through exceeding services on clip public presentation, advanced merchandises and entire safety.


THE MISSION statement of Pakistan international air lines is

“ Employee squads will lend towards doing PIA a planetary air hose of pick through

Offering quality client services and advanced merchandises

Using state-of-the-art engineerings

Guaranting cost effectual steps in procurance and operations

Developing safety civilization

This mission statement addresses following nucleus points of nine point mission statement analysis

Merchandise and or service




Concern for people

Concern for endurance growing and profitableness

Guaranting cost effectual steps in procurance and operations

Developing safety civilization

Goals & A ; Objective

Harmonizing to PIAC Act 1956 following are the chief aims of PIA Corporation

To supply farther develop safe efficient equal economical and properly co-ordinate domestic every bit good as international air conveyance system

To run any air conveyance service or any flight by air trade for a commercial or other intent and to transport all signifiers of aerial work

To get, ain, run or take part in the running direction of any hotel or concern connected therewith.

To supply for the direction and preparation in affairs connected with aircraft or flight by aircraft of individuals employed or wishful if being employed either by the corporation or by other individual.

To advance any organisation outside Pakistan for the intent of prosecuting in any activity of a sort which the corporation has power to transport out

To get clasp or dispose of any belongings whether movable or immoveable, or any transport project.

To mend overhaul reconstruct assemble or recondition aircraft, vehicle or other machine parts, accoutrements owned by the corporation or by any individual.

Organizational Chart:



Leading MARKET Position:

PIA is the taking air bearers in Pakistan.

150,000 riders are utilizing PIA in one month. Which is demoing its monolithic market portions?

Market portion is 48 % . This is really healthy mark.

Offering low air menus.

Offering e- ticketing.

Self cheque in terminus on air ports.

Comfortable cabins

Frequent and convenient flights

Monopoly in Pakistan market

Younger planes as compared to rival.

Experience curve advantage

Point to indicate frequence of flights.

BRAND Recognition:

National Air Lines.

Brand trueness.

Easily recognized trade name all over the universe within the Pakistan community and others.

Operating rider and lading flights domestically and several parts of the universe.


PIA has earned the figure one for client satisfaction.

Technology Advantages against their rivals because PIA holding different modern series of Boeing and air coachs.

Simplifying scheduling

Superior operating construction by the intensive preparation of their staffs.


PIA is basking a well-built web in cardinal domestic and international finishs.

The company ‘s web includes three the major airdromes in Pakistan, every bit good as major international airdrome such as Dubai International Airport. Having a strong web agencies that PIA can bring forth traffic provender for both its domestic and international Flights.PIA web is spread in 24 finishs on domestic bases and 38 finishs on international footing.


PIA has successfully incorporated latest engineering in all its systems.

Giving it an border over rivals.

PIA takes recognition for presenting most new engineerings to the Pakistani market. It was the 2nd bearer in Pakistan to integrate the c-ticketing system and the 2nd in South Asia to present self look into in systems at the Jinnah International Airport, Karachi.



The Basic autumn of Pakistan international air lines is its consolidation that is centralised system

. The cardinal policies, schemes and set of Torahs are designed by the authorities engagements with aid of senior direction.

. The centralised system is one of the biggest obstructions of long term success of Pakistan international air hoses.

centralizes construction lead to barrel between different degree of direction, decreased motive, difficult entree to information

Politically wishing and disliking with in the direction.

Developed politicized civilization which is straight impacting organisation ‘s quality public presentation, which is playing a major function of decline of this profitable organisation.


In 2009, 89.3 % gross of Pakistan international air lines depends upon rider flights.

Negligence on lading air lines causes the monetary value control on air menus because all fuel ingestions of flight straight impact to the low monetary value menus which is the basic tool of PIA. That is supplying them a immense sum of gross.

The Debit:

In 2009, Pakistan international air lines holding a immense sum of debit which is about

PKR 68817616.

Massive sum of current and future debit straight consequence on stack holders.

For illustration, debt could impair PIA ability to do investings and obtain extra funding for working capital, capital outgos, acquisitions or general corporate or other intents. Debts could besides set PIA at a competitory disadvantage to rivals that have lesser debt and could besides increase the company ‘s exposure to involvement rate additions.

Dependence ON OIL PRICES:

PIA sustainability, growing, development and grosss straight emphasis on oil monetary values.

A steep rise in oil monetary values can earnestly damage the long term viability of any air hose.

Recently many air hoses around the universe went insolvents due to lifting oil monetary values.

Airlines need to fudge against this hazard by taking proper counter steps.


Corruptness at all degrees from grass root degree to higher direction.

Politically engaging and fire.

Dysfunctional and inefficient organisational construction

Clasp of labour brotherhood which is dwelling of greater than mean power.

In accomplished use of human resources and technological resources which is catastrophe for any organisation.

Offer free going to authorities functionaries, protagonists, Members of national assembly, member of provincial assembly and other authorities invitees. ( deficiency of concern professionalism in gross coevals )

over recruiting of staff which is wholly unneeded because it is straight set uping on your budget and for over semen on your budget shortage you have to travel for loan on high involvement rate which is dark female horse for any company.

Low wagess and assessment for staff which is the basic tool of employ motives.

Discrimination between lower direction and higher direction salary form. For illustration pilots are acquiring higher salary so proficient staff like applied scientists which is wholly discrimination, there should be a systematic and preparation of salary construction.

LACK OF Training

Lack of preparation is playing a major function for the ruin of a profitable organisation.



PIA is holding a possible and ability to better their scope. PIA needs to maximise their domestic and international finishs

PIA needs to advance their lading flights every bit good. Because it is a valuable wing of any air lines company wholly over the universe so we can non afford to disregard it. It can supply PIA, a immense sum of gross which is cherished for the resurgence of national FLAG bearer air lines.


Turning demand of client for lower menus locally and internationally for rider or lading flights.


Switching client tendencies to the national air lines because of racism from other states.

Motivate clients to advance their national air lines at all degrees that will definite better their worsening place to taking off place.


We can convey full alteration in their civilization by the aid of intensive proficient and professional preparation to our proficient or non proficient staff.


Introduction of latest and modern engineering will helpful to convey back their loyal clients when they will hold attracted by the acceptance of modern engineering.

Execution Latest selling regulations and techniques


Introduce better enlisting policy which is dwelling of crystal transparent system.

Merely endowment will be the standards and eligibility

Never prejudice

No political influence.


PIA frequent circular and trueness plans can assist it retain clients.

PIA award plus ( frequent circular plan ) was established to develop rider trueness by offering awards and services to frequent travellers. Schemes like that encourage repetition travel on PIA, as riders seek to accrue the benefits given to regular travellers. This enables the air hose to retain clients and cut down costs, as it does non hold to pass money aiming new clients to replace those lost to other air hoses.


The basic necessities of air riders are switching twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours, as they are going more and more monetary value medium. If PIA succeeds in doing its monetary values more competitory, so the company will be able to derive important market portion.

INDUSTRY Recovery:

Market analysts believe that the planetary air hose industry will see an upturn in lucks over the following few old ages. This represents an chance for PIA, as it could bring forth increased grosss and bid market portion if it capitalizes on additions in demand.


High Interest Ratess:

The past few old ages have seen State Bank of Pakistan impose high every bit good as low involvement rates to look into rising prices and the overheating of Pakistani economic system. Inflation in Pakistan may see another rise in the short-run.


5 major accidents affecting PIA ‘s planes, In these accidents decease toll was more than 500 riders that is severely effected on the trust of PIA and PIA is losing their loyal client merely because of safety menaces.


AIR BLUE and SHAHEEN AIR LINES are emerging rivals for PIA, both companies are strongly perforating in market and sharing market against PIA which is severely set uping on net income border of PIA.


Fluctuating foreign currency exchange rates can hold a important impact on PIA ‘s net incomes. For illustration, as PIA is supplying its services to the UK. Negative or positive effects arise from exchange rate motions as alteration in disbursals. Strengthening of foreign currencies against the British Pound will positively impact PIA and frailty poetry.


A figure of factors have caused the current diminution in the air hose industry. For illustration, the menace of farther terrorist onslaughts since September 11 and a autumn in the figure of concern travellers have both caused rider Numberss to fall. These and other factors may go on to impact demand for air travel in the hereafter, which will impact grosss of PIA. The menace of terrorist act may deter people from going by air and could particularly cut down the figure of riders going on international flights.

Emirates Airline

Technical FAILURES:

Increasing Technical failures and jobs are mistrusting the clients because its all about safety because safety ever come foremost. So they have to give it particular attending and happen the root causes and take impressive countermeasures to construct their trust among the critical clients.

European Sanction:

EU is expected to curtail planes from come ining air without Euro2 criterion emanation system.

Denationalization Policy:

GOVERNMENT OF PAKISTAN may privatise this sector which is under consideration if authorities will implement so their biggest advantage of monopoly would be terminal.


TERRORISM menace is ever at that place because of Pakistanis geographic arrangement. In the part war against terrorist act is on its extremum.

THE Selling Mix:

Beginning: hypertext transfer protocol: // p=11

Marketing mix is the key of selling program. Whenever you are traveling to do a selling program you must emphasis on marketing mix. Mostly companies use this selling tool to do a there concern aim and venison. It provide marketer to broader vision of brand a comprehensive and less hazard selling program.

Harmonizing to the McCarthy there is likely 4P ‘S usually we are practising but in modern age most of the companies pursue 7P ‘s.

Harmonizing to the above figure:


when seller doing a selling program who must cognize complete inside informations of the merchandise because this is basic key of success of any program. Because you need to advert at that place proficient, touchable or intangible properties to the market. So if Us have good awareness with merchandise so you can supply existent selling program.

In our this instance, PIA is supplying intangible merchandise to the market


An intangible merchandise can ne’er be seen, experience and smelled like services. Here is my chosen company PIA is supplying a transit services. And the PIA ‘s mission in to do there intangible merchandise to tangible, this is non merely a statement, if you want to carry through your statement you have to ache professional and you have to take modern marketing enterprises to do your merchandise intangible to tangible to convey their merchandise into the with particular and different properties than your rivals.


services are produced and consumed same clip, it means this merchandise can non hive away, it means consumer can acquire net income or loss, advantage or disfavor same clip so it means service supplier has to be really ken and crisp.

Because vitamin E there is no room and opportunity to grope, because you do non necessitate to wait for client reaction, because in intangible merchandise you ever really near to the client and most of the clip it has to be face to face.

Beginning: hypertext transfer protocol: //

harmonizing to the my surveies on above web, you can separate merchandise in two different chances.

Product life rhythm ( PLC )

Customer Life Cycle ( CLC )

Product life rhythm ( PLC ) :

In our instance, as I have already mentioned PIA came in to being in 1951 so you can state this company and its merchandise has passed development, debut, growing and adulthood phases in last 50 old ages because of unpopular determinations of sellers or top direction PIA merchandise is in worsening phase.

Customer Life Cycle ( CLC )

if you want to maintain in control merchandise life rhythm and want to avoid worsening phase in your merchandise, you have to hold keep oculus on client life rhythm because this is a basic key of success if you have got control on client life rhythm you can ne’er be dog harmonizing to the BCG matrix.

We can understand merchandise life rhythm to split into 5 different phases.


in really first stage you initial mark is to happen a seller, happen a client and range at that place with you merchandise


in 2nd phase you have to give your client a sort of involvement and trust in your merchandise.


in 3rd phase we need to change over these client to change over and convey them from another market to you merchandise.


in 4th phase when we get those client so we need to give them trust and assurance to retain for your merchandise terminal user on regular footing


in 5th phase when we will acquire our retain client so do them portion of your household, give them excess ordinary client service that boost their assurance and trust that will do them our loyal client of client should be our ultimate undertaking.

Because selling experts says:

” client attitude, behaviour and voice work more so times so your motto and Son ”

BCG MATRIX ( Boston Consultant Group ) :

In 1970, Bruce henderson of the Boston adviser group has developed portfolio shaving theoretical account which is holding four classs related with market portion and market growing.

Four classs are follow:

Dog: Have low market growing and low market portion

Cash cow: have low high market portion low market growing

Question grade: have low market portion and high market growing

Star: have high market growing and high market portions

In instance of our merchandise is CASH COW.


Harmonizing to the all above and following elaborate information we can state our merchandise is a hard currency cow in the visible radiation of BCG Matrix. Because it has been proved by grounds that PIAC merchandise has important sum of portion in the market but really low market growing rate. That should be noticeable because of centralisation and nationalisation of the company it is lasting at any cost but in its ain capacity it would be impossible to over come the worsening state of affairs of the merchandise.

We can do PIAC merchandise as profitable merchandise merely because of the utilizations of proper selling tools and techniques because there is carelessness and deficiency of professionalism within the organisation that allow this merchandise to more beforehand towards dog state of affairs if the support continue in same manner or in other manus we can do our merchandise star by the increasing of our market growing rate.

Topographic point:

We can here specify topographic point as how an organisation administer their merchandise to the terminal user by the tight clip and right topographic point. It is really of import for any organisation to command their distribution system in really efficient and effectual manners because this is the manner where yo can give satisfaction to your client and client satisfaction off class give us long permanent net income and loyal client that we really looking for and it is the basic logic of selling and selling programs.

Ideally an organisation holding two types of distribution.





Harmonizing to the PIA merchandise, they are utilizing both channel intensively to procure there market portion and increase there grosss and maintain their loyal client happy but because of emerging rivals it is really tough and disputing now, that is why PIA needs to be smart instead than difficult working.

Direct Channel:

PIA is seeking to utilize direct distribution channel for their clients but they are fighting to travel for it countrywide because deficiency of investing and misdirection and traditional manner of work. They have few fining counters in large metropoliss those are centralized with caput office in Karachi.


They already have STARTED e-ticketing, which is really utile to maintain their client loyal and it will be helpful to vie their client nationally & A ; internationally.

In Direct Channel:

at the same time they have travel agents and sub agents for selling their tickets nationally and internationally.

For their committee agent they need to pay certain sum of their gross revenues which is failing of PIA merchandise. And we are losing a immense sum of net income in this respects which needs to be work out how we can salvage this sum in future.

Monetary value

Monetary value can be define as ‘ a sum of money which is willing to pay by client for merchandise or services ‘

for our merchandise we have a large undertaking of puting monetary value scheme for our two different sections nationally or internationally in the presence of good equipped and professional rivals.

Pricing control is in authorities of Pakistan manus which is wholly disaster for PIA merchandise. Because authorities ever do a determination in their ain trust because there is ever politically profit for them they do non care about an organisation or specific merchandise.

PIA focal point on pricing of domestic paths:

Set the monetary value aim

Analyze the demand

Estimating costs

Study of rival monetary value and offers.

Put a a monetary value methodological analysis

Set the concluding monetary value.

Focus on International monetary value:

International air travel association ( IATA ) can merely repair the monetary values for international air lines. Cipher can put and do an amendment is these monetary values, yes you can do alteration in these monetary values by the film editing of your won net incomes.

International ticketing monetary value ever mentioned clearly same for everyone.

PIA uses the pricing scheme for an internal routes a different sort of scheme. following are the basic points:

rivals monetary values and offers

operational cost

sort of air trade

in malice of above scheme Indian arrowroot holding following classs and they need to maintain in head when they are puting monetary value for specific merchandise.

High monetary values

shoulder monetary values

low monetary values


Penetration pricing: Aim is to perforate into the market and capture the market portion. May there is less profit border but in long erm prospective it would be more good.

Planing pricing: Tin this instance fix high monetary values and so convey monetary value down easy. The chief intent is to acquire monetary value net income bed by bed.

Competition pricing: Always try to put a monetary value harmonizing to the rivals monetary values and there offers.

Product Line Pricing: in instance of PIA merchandise we have to put monetary value harmonizing to the degree of services like concern category and economic system category.

Bundle Pricing: we can put monetary value in packages form like mix match with any other merchandise or services.

Psychological pricing: means we can put psychological accomplished monetary value like 0.99, 1.99 & A ; 999.00 which is straight consequence on consumer behaviour.

Premium pricing: we can put our pricing entirely for our sole merchandise like A category or B category.

Optional pricing: we can offer something excess or optional to our terminal user to pull toward merchandise and generate gross.


we can specify publicity as ‘ this is the nexus between purchaser and seler to convert, influence and supply information to the consumer ‘

Ad: this is the manner of communicating to the client for any merchandise with direct or indirect engagement of a individual.

Public dealingss: it is called as CRM ( client relation direction ) , to construct a relationship with client in present to future by the aid of our past experiences. PIA merchandise holding immense shortage of public relationship that need to be addressed.

Gross saless publicity: Normally we are utilizing as direct befits offer to client like BOGOF, cut down cost and any vouchers.

Personal merchandising: selling a merchandise individual to individual or face to face. PIA need to work on it every bit good.

Direct Mail: we can utilize direct mails services to aware our clients about merchandise and promotional activities. We can utilize directory of Pakistan telecommunication or any other informations base.

Message & A ; Media Strategy

we need to maintain continue messages and media scheme as we are utilizing ‘ come fly with us.


‘A group of people who taking attention of an organisation and finally choice merchandise. ‘

PIA merchandise demands:

Appropriate staff

Intensive preparation

engaging on virtue

firing on virtue

Because any merchandise and can be judged by the service suppliers, accomplishments and inventions. So be advanced all the clip.

Procedure: This is an component which is widening farther 7Ps of selling. That is depicting how to implement and accomplish the selling marks. Road map to accomplish the Goals by marketing shaving procedure. Like if you want to acquire 30 % of market portion so how you integrate procedure to acquire this mark

Beginning: hypertext transfer protocol: //


Harmonizing to the new selling mix it is most of import to understand and give of import to physical environment. These are the component which can be seen by client or consumer before buying like how to show your merchandise in forepart of client, it could be client anything as explained in the figure below.

Market Segmentation of PIA PRODUCT

Marketing cleavage can be defined as divide your merchandise harmonizing to the client classs and design merchandise and services harmonizing to the client demands and wants.

We can here section PIA merchandise into following cleavage.

Demographic Segmentation of PIA:

Income Cleavage: we need to aim income based population and we have to concentrate there demands, demands and wants.

Occupation Cleavage: we have to find occupational based population. Because PIA is national flag bearer so we should maintain in our head that our merchandise is for everyone neither for limited battle of market.

Geographic Cleavage

In this cleavage PIA focuses both on sections



Behavioral Cleavage

Juncture Segmentation.

Hajj ‘s Occasion.

Eid ‘s Occasion.

New Years ‘ Juncture.

Loyalty Status

Psycho-graphic Segmentation of PIA PRODUCT.

Social Class


Religious Travels

Pakistani Exiles

The bing market cleavage scheme of PIA is sensible plenty because it covers all necessary parametric quantities that are to be focused in making market cleavage for Airline Company.

Merchandise Evaluation

Core Benefit





Positioning of PIA

PIA ‘s bing Positioning Strategy

Presently PIA places itself within the undermentioned placement schemes.

Positioning by properties.

Positioning by monetary value and quality.

Positioning by merchandise user.

Positioning by Properties

In this scheme PIA places itself in the head of the consumers as the dependable air conveyance service supplier. Because from all the air hose companies of the universe PIA has the least crash rate. By positioning the dependability property of the air hose in the heads of the consumers, people prefer to go from PIA. Because of the safety attached with the PIA.

Property of safety is besides associated with the air hose as PIA has the undermentioned enfranchisements


European Aviation Safety Agency ( EASA )

IATA Operational Safety Audit ( IOSA )

Civil Aviation Authority of Pakistan ( in conformity with the International Civil Aviation Organizations Standards )

Positioning by Price and Quality

In this placement scheme, PIA paints the image of being the less monetary value taker and supplying high quality to the clients as comparison to the rivals. Examples is given below.

Introduction of Additional Low Cost Flights

“ PIA express ”

PIA has introduced extra low cost flights. PIA express at 20 % less menu.

This installation is available in Business Plus, Economy Plus & A ; Economy C young girl.

No repasts.

Base by menus applicable.

Positioning by Product User

PIA places itself as an embassador of Pakistan in the universe. Pakistani expatriates shacking outside the state feels proud when they see an air hose of their ain home- state transporting the national flag. This arises the trueness factor in the Black Marias of the exiles and they prefer to go by PIA.

Targeting Strategy of PIA

PIA ‘s Existing Target Audience

From the Demographic Segmentation, PIA is aiming the income and business oriented people. The categorization of both classs is as follow.

Income Segmentation

From income cleavage of PIA, those who falls under the class of upper category and upper in-between category.

Occupation Cleavage

From business Segmentation that PIA is taking in to account, there are two chief sub caputs of working category and concern category. The working category includes all those who are working as an employee inside and outside the state. In concern category all those people are included who are holding concern.

From the Geographic Segmentation of PIA. All the audience from the domestic and international parts are included. In domestic people within the state are included and people shacking outside Pakistan.

From the Behavioral Segmentation PIA ‘s mark audience is classs as follow.

In the juncture based market cleavage of PIA.

Hajj ‘s Occasion.

When Hajj operation in traveling all those people winging from different metropoliss of Pakistan to Saudi Arabia for the public presentation of Hajj.

Eid ‘s Occasion.

When Eid occasions are near people within the metropoliss and outside the state move to their places for holding Eid Occasion together with household.

New Years ‘ Juncture.

Now people prefer to hold New Year with their household that ‘s why all those people coming back to Pakistan from different states or traveling outside Pakistan to different states and besides all those people traveling within the state are targeted over here.

Loyalty Status.

PIA gives different benefits to the flyers. But all those who travel a batch acquire the benefit of frequent flyers which carries few price reduction rates on the tickets. To such audience PIA non merely gives the price reduction installation but besides the installation of choice and bead to them.

From the Psychographic Segmentation of PIA, the mark audience of PIA will be the undermentioned.

Social Class

In Social Class PIA targets the tourers, spiritual travellers and Pakistani Expatriates.


All the tourers from different parts of the state or from different states come to Pakistan for touristry intent or travel outside the state. Because PIA is holding highest rate of associating the remotes countries of Pakistan.

Religious Travels

All the spiritual travellers for illustration people traveling for Hajj etc are marks over here.

Pakistani Exiles

As PIA is a national flag bearer air hose that ‘s why people shacking outside the state experience a alone kind of feeling to acquire into the National Airline. PIA is non merely and Airline but besides acts as the embassador of Pakistan in the whole universe.

Rivals merchandise Analysis

Competitive Advantages of PIA

Reliability an vitamin D safety

Has best technology installations.

Has best trained pilots

National flag bearer.

Pakistani expatriates when measure in the PIA plane they get they homely feelings because of the national air hose which plays a function of embassador.

High linkage to the distant countries of Pakistan.

Using province of art engineerings and extremely equipped technology.

Competitive Position of PIA

The competitory place of PIA is Differentiation because PIA has created extremely distinction merchandises e.g. for the economic system category and for the concern plus category. PIA has different and alone merchandise features and characteristics which cater the demands of the several clients.

Competitive Moves

PIA is holding 48.4 % market portion internationally and 65 % domestically, and PIA has the Market Leader Competitive Move in Pakistan.

Competitor Attack Strategy

The onslaught scheme of PIA against its rival Air Blue is Flanking Attack Strategy. Air Blue has non that much entree to the distant countries of Pakistan than PIA has. Due to this weak point of Air Blue, PIA is achieving the flanking onslaught scheme against the Air Blue.

Existing Rivals of PIA

PIA operates both domestically and internationally. So it has different rivals on both graduated tables of operations.

Domestic Rival

Air Blue

Shaheen Air Lines

Aero Asia

Bojha Air Lines