Relation between marketing strategy and consumer behavior

Consumer behaviour is the survey of consumers helps organisation better their selling schemes by understanding thought, feelings, and actions of single consumers.

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Consumer behaviour includes all things in the environment that influence ideas, feelings and action. It is something about of how consumer makes determination to work out the job and how consumer motive and determination schemes differ between merchandises.

Consumer behaviour is besides cognition with consumer ‘s involvement and the degree of the consumer.

It has four chief applications such as: selling scheme, public policy, societal selling involves and do us be a better consumer.

Question 2: Aging population is a current common issue: explicate how a seller can make gross revenues by pulling the purchasing purposes from seniors.

Aging/ aged population as a particular population groups, their demands and ingestion by psychological and physiological features of the determination. The aged with age and physiological conditions change, ensuing in a specific population groups is different from other stuff demands and religious demands. In other words, the basic demands of the aged population features determine the features of the aged population life demands.

Old people are a batch of assorted alterations have taken topographic point. Chiefly, most of them are out of societal and economic activities, to observe the ulterior old ages of life as the chief contents of retirement, most of the major topographic points of the aged in the household and community, and their increased leisure clip, because of the wellness grounds ; they pay more attending to their wellness and length of service issues. The demands of societal attention, household attention and nursing clip increased. Elders are more in demand of societal aid activities to supply some merchandises in order to increase the capacity of self-help and activities ; they need the community to supply them with more place services.

The purchasing behaviour of seniors:

Seeking honest and truth.

General demands for the aged shopping goods are require those characteristics like: economical and practical, simple and generous, economic and lasting, dependable quality, easiness of usage, easy to utilize, safe and comfy, healthy. Compare with other age-level ‘s consumers, they most sensitive to monetary value.

Accustomed consumption.A

Experience has made long-run ingestion of the seniors ‘ disbursement wonts signifier, which is chiefly manifested in day-to-day life purchase, usage, goods cognitive ( or trade name consciousness ) and so on.A Most of them are loyal to the old store.A Therefore, the bombardment of a big figure of advertizements is besides hard for their purchases to hold a immense impact.A


Because of age and psychological factors, the consumer position of the aged are more mature, less unprompted passion. The respond of consumer manner seems to be instead slow ; they do non follow the manner, pay attending to benefits.A In footings of quality, monetary value, public-service corporation and trade name of aged consumers to purchase the chief factors, the influence of the quality is on the first topographic point, accounting for 82.5 % .A They by and large will non be concern publicities of some fancy move, but the innate goodness and compassion for the aged, concerns little favours can easy travel them and they may finally go purchasers in the terminal.


Emphasizes convenience.A

Physiological alterations to enable the aged to walk the incommodiousness, the consumer seeking convenience, accustomed to the nearest consumption.A Meanwhile, the aged in the procedure of utilizing the goods like the convenience, the instructions for the contraption cumbersome and complex processs do non like to utilize, necessitating merchandises to larn to utilize, easy to run, in order to cut down physical and mental burden.A

Re-experience, light advertising.A

Old ages of consumer experience, so that there is sufficient ground to believe that the aged ain feelings, and the formation of a higher trade name loyalty.A Harmonizing to media audience research shows that ads influence of older consumers is the “ normal ” 41.9 % “ no consequence ” and accounted for 22.7 % .A In many media, Television is non the chief channel for the aged to obtain information, but soft paper print media advertisement, and other typical instances more acceptable signifier of advertising.A Some aged people at that place have a wont of listening to the wireless while they are exerting, so wireless is an of import older merchandise information airing channels.A

Greedy for little addition, focal point on service.A

Although the seniors ‘ shopping are rational, but thrifty thought affects their ingestion behaviour, every bit long as is necessary, even if it is non presently needed, if there is monetary value, price reduction, purchase one get one free excellent promotional activities, the aged will organize a consumer behavior.A In add-on, the service is peculiarly valued the aged consumer, including the enthusiasm of the gross revenues procedure in the shopping usher, appropriate presentation, attentive service and punctilious attention services, place bringing, free installing, the usage of elaborate accounts, hands-on usage ofA presentation service. These services enable older consumers must be assured, and must be comfy, non excessively much for their care and fix of energy consumed.A


Like go shopping with a gang.A

Elders all old, less flexible response, travel out shopping like spell with an seniors ‘ pack, happen a spouse to attach to purchase will do them comfortable.A It besides regards that shopping is no longer deadening, because they can take each other and feel save, friends will give advice and suggestions during the purchase of goods can besides be another mention, A In add-on, the positions of equals can play a important function, which shows the factor in consumer purchasing behavior.A


So how can a marketer create gross revenues by pulling purchasing purpose from seniors?


A Since the demand for older merchandises is really obvious difference, merchandise development endeavors in the aged must be considered when the physical, psychological features, targeted merchandise development.A Development in the nutrient as “ three depressions ” , pay attending to nutrient nutrition, easy to masticate, easy to digest.A Clothing for the aged, the endeavor needs to run into the features of older consumers, the traditional design and modern manner combine, non excessively fancy, simple and generous, including but non exposed, focal point on quality merchandises to run into their realistic requirements.A

Monetary value

Different merchandise has different monetary value sensitiveness to the seniors, the monetary values of some necessities, the aged really familiar with, and formed a wont of a certain monetary value, the monetary value snap of demand for such goods even though little, it is likely to act upon senior ‘s trueness, therefore impacting the ingestion of other goods.A So, for most merchandises, follow the market ‘s pricing scheme should be adopted.A For some particular merchandises, every bit long as older individuals may be able to purchase, the monetary value degree is a secondary affair, so, we can better net income borders in this portion of the goods properly.A


Older people the interest of convenience, propinquity to the demand to buy particular clear the interest of convenience in order to run into the demands of selling channels to be adjusted.A Therefore, sellers can open a figure of community convenience shop or supermarket concatenation, concatenation mercantile establishments throughout its residential countries. It is non merely makes convenience to seniors, but besides match the bulk of older individuals willing to come out due to seniors like to be in group with seniors. So, the nice manner is unfastened store in the topographic points where a batch of seniors stay and set up seniors ‘ goods counters.A


The aged is serious about service, during the publicity procedure, the service straight impacting the aged decision.A Therefore, to better the boosters skill is an of import portion, sellers need to develop staff rather often.A Because the aged reflects the slow, slurred address, could non acquire or make non understand the merchandises, merchandise shopping incommodiousness, need more aid. As solution, this is allow your booster promo the merchandise with some “ understanding ” and “ soft ” .A In the service of the aged, do non demo your fatigue, service with friendly organic structure linguistic communication and facial expressions.A For some of the weight-based merchandises and purchasing big measure aged clients, bringing of services should be provided.A

In add-on, to the degrees of seniors what a seller needs to cognize is:

For the senior citizens market, chiefly for whose can non take attention themselves. They will necessitate nursing services, particular attention installations, particular trade goods

For the frail elderly, they need some supplying devices such as electronic call for aid, travel, supplying medical rehabilitation equipment, topographic points, domestic services, reding services ;

For younger aged consumer market, sellers can supply more characteristics for their ain amusement, diversion, amusement installations.

Those will assist marketer section the market to those 3 degree ‘s seniors ‘ wants and demands and making success concern.

Question 4. Friends and society sentiments on the pro canals and services are ever one of the factors act uponing single purchasing behaviour, remark on how Facebook heighten the impacts from friends and society towards purchasing behaviour.

Consumer purchasing behaviour is related the consumer purchasing procedure. It is a complex affair as many external ( civilization, subculture, demographics, societal position, mention group, household, selling activities ) and internal ( perceptual experience, acquisition, memory, motivations, personality, emotions, attitudes ) influences factors have an impact on the purchasing determinations of the consumer.

Facebook, many of us merely merely name it “ FB ” , it is a societal networking web site that we use to do new friends or allow us chew the fat with each other, FB besides let us sharing thought or making concern.

By and large, it is a purposive, problem-solving procedure, there are five basic phases or sub procedures of it.

Problem acknowledgment, why consumer privation to buy a merchandise or service? It could be that you want to purchase a new suit fabric because of you need to fall in a party or events ( like O dark in Olympia college ) , and there are many stores in the shopping promenade that you do n’t cognize which store ‘s fabric is nicer. So you have a job or new demands. That is how you decide you want to purchase a peculiar merchandise or service.

How Facebook work with job acknowledgment? As the illustration says you need purchase new fabric for party or events, you may post a position on your Facebook history such as ” which store in ipoh perade are selling nice fabric ” to inquire your friends remark or suggest.

Search for alternate solutions, you have a job that you need a new suit of fabric for a party nest hebdomad. Yes you need to travel to the shopping promenade and purchase. But which store? What is your budget or how much the suit of fabric you can afford? Should you seek something new that different with your old manner? Or remain your “ denims and Jersey ” ? Consumer normally goes on some signifier of information hunt to assist them through their purchase determination. The beginnings will be portion of the external influences such as household, friends who may hold the merchandise you have in head, otherwise you may inquire the gross revenues people.

Thingss like FB will impact from friends and society is that you posted your job and you will have remarks, non merely your friends, even a alien may assist you besides. The job that you set is that you need to purchase a suit of fabric, your friend of others may notice on it like “ SUB, converse, organic structure glove or overkill etc ” . In add-on, nowadays there are many on-line store works in Facebook besides. You may travel to their profile for your ain information research besides.

Evaluation of options, so which store should you travel to? Shall it be converse, overkill, SUB, or organic structure glove? Consumers allocate attribute factors to certain merchandises. Consumers frequently have some kind of trade name penchant with houses as they may hold had a good history with a peculiar trade name or their friends may hold had experience with so that consumers know what features from the challengers will profit them and they attach different degrees of importance to each property.

You may make your rating on Facebook. Read through the remarks of your friends that they posted, the information will assist you measure which store you should travel for. Like: ” SUB ‘ fabric are seems like to be have oning on party but the monetary value is rather high, the services if SUB is more polite than others. ” “ I do non like the overkill store, it does non hold much new arrived fabric, converse is good but monetary value is high. ” As yourself as a consumer, you used to be purchasing things in shopping promenade and you have your ain experience to measure those information to do a determination that which shop will you travel next after comparing with the remarks you read.

Purchase, through the rating procedure discussed above consumers will make their concluding purchase determination like the budget, location, day of the month, etc. Consumers reach the concluding procedure of traveling through the purchase action.

You may see the fabric on Facebook that some stores are making on-line service, and purchase with your recognition card online, or you ask some friends go to the shopping promenade and complete your purchase procedure.

Post-purchase usage and reevaluation of chosen option, of all time experience sorrow about the merchandise after you purchased it? This merely is post purchase behaviour and research shows that it is a common trait amongst buyer of merchandises. If the merchandise makes you fulfill, the you will travel to buy it following clip, if non, you wo n’t travel that stores once more and inquire your friends or relationship non to travel besides.

It is truly an issue in Facebook, merely like you buy your fabric from SUB and there is a friend go to give you suggestion on the twenty-four hours you purchase. But you need more remarks of the new fabric whether it suit you or non. Therefore, a consumer like you and me, usually wear the new fabric at place and take a exposure of it. Then, station to your Facebook exposure album to inquiring remark, if most of your friends say nice so that you will travel to SUB following clip if you new to make a new purchase. On the other manus, if most of the remarks from Facebook are negative, you will non purchase SUB ‘s merchandise once more and making another purchasing procedure once more.

Therefore this is how Facebook heighten the impacts from friends by the purchase procedure. For society, it is related to one types of purchasing behavior – impulse purchases behaviour.

The background with impulse purchase behaviour is on-line retail gross revenues are turning and impulse purchases are of import for retail gross revenues. The old research on impulse purchasing still chiefly in offline environment. However, phenomenon exists besides online and traditionally, on-line purchase behaviour seen as rational.

So what is impulse purchasing? It is a specific type of and unplanned purchase. The features of an impulse purchase are: unintended which means unplanned, unthinking which means unreflective, and immediate. Impulse purchasing is sudden, powerful, relentless impulse to buy the merchandise.

There are some old researches on this topic:

Online shoppers more unprompted than non-shoppers

Internet shops have several characteristics that encourage unregulated behaviour.

Unregulated consumer behaviour, including impulse buying is present on the cyberspace

Quantitative mold of ancestors and effects of cyberspace urge purchases

The effects of media formats like picture, images on impulse purchase purpose

As these researches give us a part that we need to hold a better apprehension of consumer online purchasing behaviour, and there are many factors encourage and is courage impulse shopping in the online shopping environment.

Factors detering impulse purchasing Factors promoting impulse purchasing

1. Delayed satisfaction like electronic merchandises 1. Easiness of buying

2. Appealing merely to 2 senses, particularly absence 2. Handiness

of physical contact like high- touch merchandise 3. Anonymity

3. Easiness of returning to hive away 4. Use of recognition cards

4. Monetary value and merchandise comparings 5. Refunds

6. Direct selling

Facebook is really making the impulse purchasing, concern with fabric, cosmetics, with theoretical account and labeling users of FB online to run about the procedure. And most the merchandises are come from overseas like Japan, Korea, and China. That is how it impacts the society in Malaysia.


After I done this assignment I know about what is aging population and how to make gross revenues in it. I am besides clearly with the relation between marketing scheme and consumer behaviour. Consumer behaviour is of import for a concern. It will be really utile when I open a concern or work in concern section.