O.a Sba

Questionnaire I am a fifth form student of St. Jago High School and I am conducting a research paper for my School Based Assessment (SBA). Your answer will assist me in gathering data on the skills and attitudes that high school graduates need in order to compete for entry level jobs in the Human Resource Department at Courts Jamaica Limited. Instruction: Please place article beside the appropriate response or fill in the lines where applicable. 1) Gender? Male? Female ) Which age group do you belong? 20- 23 years ? 24-27 years ? 28-31 years ? over 31years ? 3) How long have you been working in this department? 1-2 years ? 3-5 years ? 6-8 years ? over ten years ? 4) What is the nature of your business? Sales ? Marketing ? Advertising ? Other Specify ? 5) Are the high school graduates in your organization co-operative? a. alwaysb. sometimesc. never 6) Are they involved in the development of the organization? a. alwaysb. sometimesc. never ) Does the level of training received prepare them for given tasks? a. alwaysb. sometimesc. never 8) Do the high school students display the right attitude towards work? a. alwaysb. sometimesc. never 9) Are you satisfied with the level of work output? a. alwaysb. sometimesc. never 10) Are there any outstanding areas that you would suggest intense training? a. alwaysb. sometimesc. never 11) Do they have good interpersonal skills? a. alwaysb. sometimesc. never 12) Are they properly attired? a. alwaysb. sometimesc. never

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