Monogamy vs Polygamy

Tiffany Black English 120-631 Prof. Craig 09/10/10 354 In many households around the world marriages are failing because of society beliefs on monogamy while polygamists are carrying on successful relationships. Although monogamy is a healthy practice it seems that it may not be (what society considers right) right for everyone. A young couple recently shared their story with an article. They were only 28 years old and had already been married for ten years and their marriage was on the brink of disaster because they had become bored with each other.

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Instead of stepping outside of the relationship in secrecy they discuss participating as swingers and made the agreement to experience it together. They both agreed that it was the best thing that they could have done to save their marriage. Relationships are a part of everybody lives but monogamy may not be. More and more people are leaning towards the ideal of polygamy in hopes of a better chance at saving their relationships/marriages and living happier honest lives. In the near future polygamy may be accepted as “the norm” as more people began to experience this lifestyle change.

It is possible that therapist may even begin to suggest this to their patients as a remedy in savings marriages. However, polygamy is still a very controversial subject especially among married couples, religious groups, and society in general. Accordingly, this paper will examine the meaning of monogamy to society, the reason why some people believe that monogamy is the only way to be successful in relationships while others encourage polygamy, and the reason issues arise within marriages that makes a spouse feel as if they need to step outside of the marriage.

Because over 70% percent of marriages fail due to infidelity being monogamist may not be the key to success, talking to polygamist could prove very helpful for many. Ultimately, society must be able to stay open-minded to even being to accept the thought of polygamy as a lifestyle, research should be done on the statistics of failed monogamy relationships because of infidelity, and the success rate and stress levels of polygamy relationships.