Marriages In Pride And Prejudice English Literature Essay

“ Pride and Prejudice ” is a fresh written by Jane Austen during the Victorian epoch, this novel of manners shows us an interesting penetration on the power of money, love, household, societal position and matrimony. This fresh represents matrimony rites from the position of the Victorian period, so it would be normal to believe that there are many differences between jubilations of that clip and the current 1s. Marriage rites have extremely developed throughout the class of clip, but the construct developed in this novel goes beyond, demoing matrimonies as the chase of higher societal position degree and wealth, non as an act of true love based on the society of the 19 century in England. It should be considered that in the Victorian epoch matrimonies were seen as a really of import societal issue and a powerful concern, where hubby and married woman were chosen in matrimony of convenience as an act of endurance in order to acquire stableness in society, company, comfort and wealths. In this novel, matrimony was strongly represented as a really of import subject alternatively of love, which played an atrocious function in the already fixed matrimonies of convenience of that epoch. For that ground, “ Pride and Prejudice ” accomplished to demo both sides of the narrative ; the importance of matrimony when it comes to get married a good and affluent adult male or a fantastic married woman with strong moral values, carefully educated, virtuous ; and besides being portion of a esteemed household, but at the same clip covering with the power of love, as represented by Elizabeth Bennet and Mister Darcy. Taking these points of position as a mention, in this essay I would wish to research and analyse the differences of holding a matrimony of convenience like a concern as it has been shown in the Victorian epoch and in the novel, giving more importance to the societal position and wealth without worrying about the effects to catch the highest bidder alternatively of caring about feelings and detecting a pure and existent feeling, full of new emotions as love is. Sing that matrimony is a immense word, in footings that you are taking the individual with you spend the remainder of your life, I think that a matrimony without love is a really deadening battle because couples who are non in love with each other do non react to the desire of experiencing love. It is for that ground that I will do a comparing between matrimonies, focused on the positions from the Victorian society in order to react why it is so of import being married, no affair what the effects are, what things should a married woman possess and why adult females accepted acquiring married under valuable conditions with a adult male wholly unknown to them, being really docile and sad alternatively of being individual, but truly happy. And at the same clip I will concentrate on the position from the novel in which matrimony and love were represented by the characters in many different ways. I remember how the younger sisters of Elizabeth Bennet behaved in order to acquire a beautiful and fantastic hubby who possessed wealth and good societal position, but unluckily they did non utilize the better schemes to acquire the highest bidders, advancing a behaviour that was non apprehensible for the full society, chiefly because her female parent taught those misss that matrimony was really of import for them and for the societal position of the household, but the lone thing that those misss achieved was to make a really bad repute for their in-between category household. Therefore, I will cover with the importance of matrimony by taking points of position from the Victorian epoch and from the book in order to back up my thoughts about matrimony, aspiration, pettiness and love.

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The importance of matrimony in the lives of Elizabeth Bennet and her sisters can be really hard to understand presents, but in the 19 century, during the Victorian epoch, the importance of matrimony was something irrational and incredible in which couples were chosen to garner their lives based on their societal position and wealth, with matrimony playing a cardinal function for their ain comfort and company for life because many of those matrimonies of convenience were created merely with the intent of holding a entire inheritor, so the female parent of the bride was ever protected by the inheritor and his household and did non lose any belongings or luxury. Unfortunately, those matrimonies were made without love because in those periods of times matrimony and love were things that were non coming together. Furthermore, societal categories were really of import at the minute of taking a spouse ; depending on their societal category, people could negociate their matrimony of convenience or “ concern trade ” , because there were some forms that both of them, hubby and married woman, had to carry through in order to be the perfect one. In the instance of the hubby, the list of forms was shorter than the adult females ‘s list. The hubby merely had to gain certain measure of money per twelvemonth, and have fortune, great societal position, and valuable belongingss. In the instance of adult females, the list of forms was more complex than work forces ‘s list because adult females had to be a sample into the society. Therefore, the function of adult female in the 19 century was really inactive, taking into history our modern society in which adult females are wholly independent and open-minded. Geting back to what I was developing, the function of adult female in the Victorian epoch was a really competitory function because some of the features that they had to possess were to be adult females who had house as her favourite topographic point. Their aboriginal logical thinking was that their calling was matrimony, and in order to acquire ready for matrimony, adult females had to be able to sing, play any instrument, and talk other linguistic communications such as Italian and Gallic. However, there were besides more of import qualities ; those dames had to be truly guiltless, carefully educated, virtuous, duteous and ignorant of rational sentiment. This last characteristic is really of import because the sillier a adult female is, the better for a adult male. A adult female with this particular feature could ne’er arise against her hubby or against the society, because they were under control with few gifts, wealths and belongingss. Sing to instruction, adult females had several jobs in the Victorian epoch because of the antecedently mentioned ground and their ain societal category, seeing that the differences between societal categories were highlighted by the full society. In those times adult females were non allowed to entree to higher instruction, and depending on their societal degree they were educated at place by private coachs, doing their chances really limited. Womans were wholly witting about their intent of life and that was to be a good married woman able to keep her hubby and a good household atmosphere. Unfortunately, the Victorian epoch was a really male chauvinist cause in footings of matrimony and the functions of the twosome, seeing that the hubby was allowed to maintain a kept woman merely to loosen up and bask the life while his married woman had to be at place receiving invitees, run uping, composing letters and dressing elegant apparels for her hubby. It is for that ground that a really cagey author called Jane Austen wrote “ Pride and Prejudice ” as a personal end to reference and express feelings about different issues in which adult females were wholly limited harmonizing to their chances to make a better life style. Many people think that Jane Austen was a really feminist adult female who dealt with many issues for the interest of fighting for the adult females ‘s rights, but others notice that Jane Austen merely looked for the manner to demo many state of affairss that a immature adult female could be involved in if she did non hold moral liberty. With this fact, we can detect why Elizabeth Bennet is the heroine of the novel, because through this character Austen could demo us that the period of clip in which you live is non every bit of import as your ability to show your feelings and ideas about anything, as Elizabeth did in Pride and Prejudice. She was ne’er afraid of stating something and she was able to interrupt the regulations about matrimony of convenience. Elizabeth was non willing to acquire married with person who she was non in love with, due to the fact that she ne’er stopped believing in true and pure love. Despite that Elizabeth did non hold the beauty of her sister Jane and that her bad repute was caused by their household, she was proudly willing to happen love and felicity, and one manner to show her manner of thought was to demo her intelligence, sense of wit, and playful temperament. Elizabeth was her male parent ‘s favourite girl because of her shrewdness and adeptness, and despite that she and her sister did non hold the better instruction, Elizabeth did non worried about that given that she was reasonably certain about her strengths and failings. One manner to turn out this is sing the undermentioned citation “ ” such of us as wished to larn, ne’er wanted the agencies. We were ever encouraged to read, and had all the Masterss that were necessary. Those who chose to be idle surely might ” . This is what Elizabeth said when Lady Catherine asked her about her and her sister ‘s instruction, but Elizabeth, ever certain about her cognition, defended her educational procedure and household repute demoing how cagey and smart she was. Finally, we realize about the great importance matrimony in the Victorian epoch, surely merely as an economical issue every bit good as a effect of an ambitious society which was worried about award and esteemed and the wealth of the population. However, there is ever a hero able to alter the head of the society sing love and matrimony. In this instance there was really a heroine called Elizabeth, who under her charming intelligence tried to cover with her society in order to halt making matrimony without love and get downing to give more importance to love and adult females with the intent of halting know aparting single adult females, and put particular attending to those adult females who believed in a happy stoping.

At the beginning of the fresh Pride and Prejudice, the first sentence says: “ It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a individual adult male in ownership of a good luck must be in privation of a married woman ” . This phrase demo us how of import is matrimony for the society of that period, but we can detect that the phrase emphasized the adult male holding a good luck. So, it is easy apprehensible that matrimonies were wholly necessities in that clip to increase fiscal financess. Besides, the quotation mark ne’er mentioned something related to “ love ” , bespeaking one time more that matrimony in the Victorian epoch was something wholly superficial and negotiable with the households involved in the commercial battle. With this premiss, it is really easy to uncover the intent of Jane Austen through the character of Elizabeth Bennet. Jane Austen was non in understanding with the matrimonies of convenience ; she really supported the thought that any matrimony could happen without the feeling of love because she thought that a adult male had to appreciate the adult female who had following to him without worrying about her elegance, her belongingss, household ‘s repute or instruction. Therefore, in order to carry her society, she showed the readers both relationships in the narrative juxtapositioning twosomes who got married for love and others who got married for societal grounds. The thought of Jane Austen was to act upon her society about matrimonies: they could merely go on when love is present. Pride and Prejudice is an invitation to detect what was incorrect with the society of those times and get down believing in love, which is wholly represented by the chief characters of the narrative and how they had to contend against the rough society where the characters were involved in order to accomplish felicity. The narrative is developed in the 19 century, where the society in England was loath to get down believing in love, because the lone truly of import thing for them was power and money. Work force were in charge of gaining a batch of money per twelvemonth while adult females were in charge of the house, composing letters, run uping ( once they are married ) or looking for a good hubby in the manner that the younger sister of Elizabeth did. She was despairing looking for any adult male who could work out her household jobs, because her female parent Ms.Bennet taught her that the most of import thing harmonizing to that society was to be married. Therefore, those misss could make anything in order to acquire a hubby. They went to visualize balls, to see the soldiers, looking for the proper adult male everyplace, therefore giving their household a atrocious repute. But when there is existent love, it does n’t count if the household of your future married woman has a bad repute because when love work stoppages, the lone of import thing is to be happy. This was the instance of Jane and Bingley ; when they met in a party, it was love at first sight, but both of them were really diffident to show their feelings. Bingley was a really rich and fine-looking adult male, and Jane was the most beautiful of the Bennett ‘s girls. Some clip ago, after many misinterpretations caused by the first feelings of Mr. Darcy sing the Bennets, they could show their feelings and Bingley proposed to Jane. This was besides a fixed matrimony, but both of them were in love with each other. A narrative a small spot different happened with Mr. Collin and Charlotte Lucas who got married in a matrimony of convenience after hearing that Elizabeth did non accept to acquire married with her cousin Collin because she was non in love with him, and Elizabeth believed in existent love. In old lines, I mentioned that one of the intents of matrimony of convenience was holding an inheritor, this is one ground why Collins wanted to acquire married with Elizabeth, but unluckily for him she did non accept. So, a defeated Collins proposed to Charlotte Lucas, and she accepted instantly because she wanted fiscal and societal security, and besides she was reasonably old and she felt that Mr. Collins was her best option, and they would be finally really happy with their agreement. Sing to the matrimony for convenience between Wickham and Lydia, it was a really atrocious relationship because Wickham was obliged to acquire married after Lydia ran off with him. She was excessively naA?ve and nescient, but she was really happy because the of import trade was that she was married in malice of the fact that Wickham was non in love with her. So, she will ne’er be happy with him. Finally, the existent love narrative of the novel which shows us what love is, and how to contend against first feelings in order to accomplish felicity and bury about the yesteryear because Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth had a relationship based on first bad feelings about the other, but as clip went by, both of them realized that they were frantically in love each other, and they learnt that love could non be judged by visual aspects. Darcy ‘s sentiment of Elizabeth was she is “ tolerable but non fine-looking plenty to allure me ” , and Elizabeth ‘s sentiment of Darcy was that he was a egoistic adult male. However, they eventually got married screening that felicity was merely accomplishable when there is existent love. Now, this book can alter my head about matrimony of convenience because even though this book was written in the Victorian epoch, it did non back up the thoughts that the lone manner to make the perfect concern was acquiring married. The writer of the book tried to act upon the audience about that the perfect matrimony is in which you are wholly in love with your spouse because merely in that manner you can accomplish ageless felicity. It was besides shown in this novel what happens if you get married of convenience ; those jobs were non traveling to assist you to be wholly happy because there is no love. Finally, we can detect that in few instances of matrimonies of convenience, you can accomplish a certain grade of felicity like Mr. Collins and Charlotte Lucas, who at least tested to be happy in their matrimony. So, matrimonies of convenience are non ever so bad, believing about that there are many people who get married with a individual that they do non love because of aspiration, poorness or solitariness.

As a concluding brief and decision to this essay about matrimonies, I discovered that matrimonies during the Victorian epoch were merely concern in which both groom and bride were chosen for societal, fiscal and humanistic intents. Furthermore, the 19 century society was wholly dominated by work forces, so the function of adult females had small importance because they surely became the slaves who enjoyed passing all their times at place, run uping or letters composing, or at least they pretended to make so. All of that revolution happened because of the fright of work forces who were non able to lose their power over the society where they could pass clip with their ain kept woman, while adult females were in charge of maintaining the household atmosphere. Fortunately, there was a female author who was able to dispute her society. Jane Austen wrote a novel of manners in which she covered the function of adult female in that society, the importance of matrimonies with the perfect couples harmonizing to their societal position and the life style of each twosome. This novel besides gave us hope that true love exists and that you can accomplish felicity, but merely if you are wholly in love with your mate. Pride and Prejudice showed a mixture of state of affairss in which our society can place who is acquiring married because of love and who is acquiring married because of societal issues. Nowadays it can be really hard seeking to explicate why in the past people got married merely for convenience and in which love played a minor function. The function of adult females was mortifying, and the society was all about societal position, wealth and comfort. There was a really superficial population that was worried about any material beginning. Finally, when you read Pride and Prejudice, you will acknowledge which characters are represented by true love and can eventually accomplish felicity, what characters represent a matrimony of convenience. You will besides seek to happen a comparing to our current universe because power, aspiration and societal categories still are a job which is another obstruction to happen existent love.


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