Marketing Research Proposal

The background to the problem, including the environmental context should be discussed. 3. Problem Define action/ Objectives of the research. Normally a statement of the problem including the specific components should be presented. If this statement has not been developed (as in the case of problem identification research) the objectives of the marketing research project should be clearly specified. Pin point what the issue is. 4. Approach to the Problem. Ata minimum a review of the relevant academic and trade literature should be presented, along with some kind of an analytical model.

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If research questions hypotheses and factors influencing the research design have been identified, then these should be included in the proposal. 5. Research Design. The research design adopted, whether exploratory descriptive or causal should be specified. Information should be provided on the following components: 1 kind of information to be obtained 2 method of administration the questionnaire (mail, telephone or personal interviews). 3 scaling techniques 4 nature of the questionnaire (type of questions asked length average interviewing time) and 5 sampling plan and ample size 6.

Field work / Data Collection the proposal should discuss how the data will be collected and who will collect it. If the field work is to be subcontracted to another supplier this should be stated. Control mechanisms to ensure the quality of data collected should be described. 7. Data analysis. The kind of data analysis which will be conducted (simple cross tabulations, universal an 8. Reporting. Write down why you can to the conclusion. 9. Cost and time: 10. Appendices: information that is concise (not books (print one or 2 pages)