Leadership Exam

Tips managerial missteps are caused by his lack of attention to detail, his effuse to listen to his subordinates, and his failure to convey a clear and concise message to the Department Heads of the colleges. Even if Mr.. Tips was extremely passionate about his work and the university, Mr.. Tips has failed to connect with his employees and ultimately deliver his managerial message. Mr.. Tips may have the intellectual capacity and the ability to inspire his employees to work harder and to do the right things, however his employees have no idea as to why the policy changes around the purchasing contracts process are being made.

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Mr.. Tips hasn’t clearly conveyed to his employees why he was hired by Evergreen State and has failed to meet or listen to any of his employees’ suggestions since he arrived on campus which in turn has failed to win over his employees’ heart. Mr.. Tips has failed to research and understand how many contracts exceed the 2,500 dollar threshold amount and how it affects Evergreen State’s operating budget. Having the passion and the ability to inspire employees is only part of a good managerial strategy.

A good managerial strategy uses a combination Of the dead (knowledge) and the heart (inspiration) in order to obtain optimal results. My recommendation to Mr.. Tips would be to go and meet with all of the Department Heads at both the city and rural campuses. Mr.. Tips should sit down and explain to the Department Heads the current situation at the state legislature and how it could adversely affect the university operating budget and why the change in policy is needed. Mr.. Tips should also delve deeper into the financial to understand the magnitude and complexity of the procurement process.