Tanana Lanolin’s Essay on Leadership Building better futures for other students would have to start with yourself. You can’t try to make a change if you’re not willing to change yourself. So to help make better futures for students you have to be an example for others to follow. You can show the importance of studying and staying on task while completing things. Influence other students to want to do better and push them self to become better.

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Form study groups and analyze the process of owe all students can work together to succeed together. Lead students to do well, explain how important it is to have a clear path for your future. The role needed to attain this goal IS encouragement and guidance to the students trying to make a clearer future. You have to guide students to doing things that are steered towards getting on the right track. Show them why they would want to succeed and the benefits of doing so.

The students will be lost thou someone leading them to the common goal. That’s why a having a leader is so vital to the organization of new things. The leadership role keeps the students together and motivated to keep up to reach success. By guiding these students to make a more meaningful future for themselves, you achieve the goal of changing the community to set higher standards. And with the support of a leader, any student can follow their footsteps to make a meaningful future that is suitable for them.