Is the company NBK a learning Organization?

What is a larning organisation?

With the promotion of engineerings, inventions and creativity in intense competition and client orientation or consciousness of their rights and displacement in their penchants, the organisation is forced to maintain their eyes and ears opened to catch every piece of information and learn to non merely survive or sustain in the market but besides to better and increase the profitableness.

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It will be ideal scenario where the employee learns from and outside the organisation and organisation learns from the employee on a uninterrupted footing to maintain the organisation ready for any sort of new invention or unprecedented occurrence in the market or competition.

The construct larning organisation is non a new phenomena but it has been in being and took form from the 1990s with theories workshops and web sites by Peter M Senge ‘s publication The 5th subject. The acquisition from the above publication suggests that the organisation should hold employees who have the accomplishments or develop them to hold the accomplishments to make, get and reassign cognition which will assist the organisation.

Peter M. Senge in his book The 5th subject defines larning organisation as follows:

“ Organizations where people continually expand their capacity to make the consequences they genuinely desire, where new and expansive forms of thought are nurtured, where corporate aspiration is set free, and where people are continually larning to larn together ”

Therefore, larning organisation are those which possess the system, appraisals and steps and procedures to continually learn and heighten their capablenesss to accomplish the organisation ‘s mission, vision and aims.

The of import points to observe about this definition are that larning organisations:

Are adaptative to their external environment.

Continually heighten their capableness to alter and accommodate.

Develop collective every bit good as single acquisition.

Use the consequences of larning to accomplish better consequences.

Features of Learning Organization

Harmonizing to Peter M. Senge in his book The 5th subject, following are the 5 chief features of a learning organisation.

Systems believing – Through system believing the organisation obtains the self rating phase by holding systems in topographic point to mensurate the overall aims and aims set for each of its constituents. The nucleus aim of larning organisation is derived from the system thought.

Personal Mastery – Time and once more it is proved that the most net income devising, matured and developed organisations are made up of the best of forces in the industry. Personal command means the flat committedness or involvement shown by the employees towards larning direction. The organisation which has the work force which is effectual in larning will hold the competitory border over the others.

Mental Models – It is rather common for persons and organisations to do premises based on the acquisition, patterns and experiences, these premises are known as mental theoretical accounts. A learning organisation will maintain disputing these premises and learn and unlearn from the exercising.

Shared vision – Learning organisation involve the staff in the ends and nonsubjective scene and shared vision is created in line with good trained and committed employees. Through shared vision, the larning organisation realizes it ‘s ends of accomplishing border over the competition.

Team larning – The learning organisations encourage squad acquisition by roll uping the single acquisition. The single acquisition of the squad is stored in a common depository and is easy accessed by all the squad members.

Is NBK a larning organisation?

Having understood what is a learning organisation and their characteristic we can now give some concrete illustrations as to whether NBK is or is non a learning organisation. I can cite many illustrations to warrant that NBK is a learning organisation, listed below are few of them:

At NBK the leaders encourage employees to be originative and appreciate and invite employees to lend new thoughts which would help the Bank to derive competitory edge/higher market share/healthy work environment etc in the market. For case, At NBK, the CEO writes a personal note ask foring forces to lend to the organisation by supplying him with ‘SUPER IDEA ‘ . The employee whose thought is accepted as the ‘SUPER IDEA ‘ is personally recognized and rewarded by the CEO himself.

NBK invariably explores and experiments new thoughts. NBK is considered as an advanced organisation and NBK has launched many new merchandises or services offering before any other bank in the Kuwait market. For case, NBK is the first to successfully launch sole publicity for ladies which is known as ‘LAKI ‘ for which NBK was awarded ‘Bankers Middle East Product Award 2010 ‘ .

Learning is a uninterrupted procedure in NBK. Employees go through preparations from entry degree and maintain go toing preparations to heighten their cognition and accomplishments. NBK as an organisation has ever valued the employees as the organisation ‘s best plus and has spent copiously on enriching the employee ‘s skill/knowledge and competences. NBK ensures that every new employee is provided with sufficient orientation on assignment. For case, HR Department at NBK conducts the NRDP ( New Recruits Development Program ) for every freshly hired employee and to guarantee that new employee is adequately trained on all the procedures and policies associating to his occupation function.

At NBK, preparation is ever considered as an added advantage to the employee ‘s making and their cognition and accomplishment development is put to utilize for the organisation ‘s development and benefit. For case, the employee who excelled in the ‘COHORT I – AUB High Fliers ‘ plan was instantly recognized and promoted as the ‘Unit Head of Small Businesses ‘ .

NBK leading ensures that employees are relieved of their responsibilities and made available to heighten their cognition through instruction and preparation activities. For case, the PBOs are expected to do themselves available to acquire trained on ‘Investment Fundamentalss ‘ to heighten their cognition on investing merchandises which are offered to the clients.

NBK provides electronic beginnings ( intranet ) to maintain employees up to day of the month in the bing merchandises and rival ‘s merchandise. For case, in the intranet, there is section for PBO corner where all the investing merchandise information are posted as a ready mention.

No organisation can tout of accomplishing the highest degree adulthood as there are ever scope for betterment through uninterrupted acquisition. Following are few of the grounds why NBK is non a learning organisation:

Learning should be enforced in a well known corporation such as NBK that represent a large piece of the bar in the concern universe. But, NBK is obliged to enroll indiscriminately in order to run into a enlisting mark standards imposed by the authorities. This leads to unplug in footings of cognition and accomplishment or competence required to make the occupation and worthy suited campaigners are ignored due to the figure force per unit area.

Lack of cultural sensitiveness among the work force from different portion of the universe leads to insensitiveness and differences and affects larning among them. There is a batch of range for betterment in this are whereby, NBK can make and educate consciousness about cultural sensitiveness plans.

For larning to be effectual, the medium of communicating or the linguistic communication is the key. Many NBK staff deficiency linguistic communication proficiency which is indispensable for understanding and larning. Make it compulsory for Arab subjects to hold English proficiency and do it compulsory for non Arab subjects to be adept with Arabic so that they can understand internal and external clients and even the preparations that they attend.

Even though our leading encourages openness and grasp of differences, it is non good cascaded down to the in-between direction. Openness is non appreciated and directors are non receptive to constructive unfavorable judgment and the new thoughts are weeded out at early phases due to their occupation insecurities. They believe merely in top down attack for communicating and non frailty versa.

Lack of clear scheme on codification or personalization. Some of the occupations are individual dependent and undertakings are delayed, determinations are unbroken pending merely because a individual is non available. NBK should stress on making operational manual at employee degree, unit degree and direction degree so that all the work related procedures are collated and stored in a local or cardinal depository so that manus over and take over will be smooth and cognition transportation will be complete. Job remains the same but the individual making the occupation keeps altering and at each manus over and take over some component of the occupation is missed out taking to prostration at some phase.

Based on the above illustrations, in my sentiment I consider NBK to be a full-blown acquisition organisation. There is ever range for betterments which is discussed in the following chapter and illustrations and recommendations are given along with the suggestion as to how NBK go or stay a learning organisation.

How can NBK go on to be a Learning Organization?

There is a common misconception that most of the top direction has on doing theirs a learning organisation. They assume that creative activity and consciousness of Mission, vision statement, supplying structured wages and one-year virtues and directing their forces to developing plans will do theirs a learning organisation.

Learning is a subject that the top direction in NBK should put as an illustration for the people below to follow and the subject should perforate to the lower degrees so that acquisition could be both ways down up and up down.

Harmonizing to David A Garvin, Amy C. Edmondson and Francesca Gino in their article ‘Is yours a larning organisation? ‘ there are three factors that by and large act as hinderance to larning organisation. First, most of the learning direction suggestions were more theoretical instead than practical. Therefore most of the direction theories of larning organisations if non good understood and non decently implemented could take to unplug between the degrees and could do communicating spreads. Second, most of the organisations create larning or cognition transportation chances for top direction and CXO ‘s. The existent occupation performing artist who possesses the cognition does non acquire the information and is non able to lend his expertness to improvize the procedures. Third, most of the organisations lack the tools that measure the cognition demands and appraisal. At NBK all the three hinderances prevail to some extent.

To go and to go on to be a learning organisation, David A Garvin, Amy C. Edmondson and Francesca Gino in their article ‘Is yours a larning organisation? ‘ provide three factors which will assist the organisations, which are:

A supportive acquisition environment

Concrete acquisition procedures and patterns

Leadership behavior that provides support

Using the farther constituents of each of the above factors we can mensurate the adulthood degree of the organisation in footings what degree they have achieved as a learning organisation. These factors and constituents should be applied across all the units within the organisation to mensurate the strengths and failings of the units to get by us with the demands for the long term acquisition.

The above three factors are considered as the edifice blocks based on which an organisation can mensurate and go a learning organisation. The factors are explained in item below and mentions are made to NBK ‘s bing patterns or needed procedure re-engineering is enumerated along with the elaborate accounts.

A supportive acquisition environment – an environment which encourages the employees/units/organizations to larn invariably and helps smooth cognition transportation.

Psychological safety – The environment within the NBK/ and NBK ‘s functional unit must be unfastened and transparent so that the employees will non hold fright to show their honest sentiment or inquiry unlogical solutions suggested by superior or be frank in being accountable for any error committed by him.

Appreciation of differences – The employees/units in NBK should be unfastened to all sort of work related, societal and cultural differences which will enable and heighten the acquisition through opposing thoughts.

Openness to new thoughts – The employees/units/managers in NBK should be unfastened to new thoughts. By and large across organisations, employees show antipathy to new thoughts as it could take to alter and employees feel insecure about alterations. At NBK, Employees should be empowered to take more hazard by being unfastened to new thoughts.

Time for contemplation – The employees should be given sufficient clip to reexamine their procedure and re-engineer the procedure harmonizing to the changing demands in footings or procedure, merchandise or services. Quality over measure should be emphasized so that the employees can be more originative and contribute to the larning aims of the organisation

Concrete acquisition procedures and patterns – an organisation does non and can non go a learning organisation overnight by doing sweeping alterations to their procedures and patterns. It ‘s gradual procedure whereby procedures and patterns are tested and implemented to pave manner for the organisation to go a learning organisation.

Experimentation – Experiment can be closely correlated to openness to new thoughts. The employees or the unit at NBK should experiment any new thoughts, track the experiment consequences, make alterations based on the acquisition through experimentation, and utilize the experimentation to finalise the optimum procedure flow.

Information aggregation – NBK should hold good organized, networked and good linked cardinal and unit based depository for information bite so that the stored or gathered informations can be utilized for efficient analysis of informations which will assist the organisation to counter competition and to go the most advanced, best in category organisation.

Analysis – Experiment & A ; information aggregation will be of no usage if they are non put into proper usage through analysis of the information collated. To be analytical the employee or the director should possess the qualities of being unfastened to new thoughts, accepting differences, and ever back up their positions with logic based on analysis.

Education and developing – NBK should promote instruction and preparation. Education need non be academic but at the same clip academic instruction helps to judge the persons hold oning and version degrees. Trainings need non merely refer to external classs conducted by a experts it can even be self learning by the employees. Changeless acquisition and preparation helps the employee to stay competent to execute optimally in their several map.

Information transportation – The work environment at NBK should promote information transportation across degrees or cross functional units so that each employee or unit can reciprocally profit from the cognition transportation. The cognition transportation can take topographic point through external beginnings or internal beginnings. The internal cognition transportations are based on past experiences, experiments and analysis and the external cognition transportation takes topographic point through adept preparation and forums.

Leadership that reinforces larning – As mentioned earlier in this study, the acquisition wont is something that employees learns or disciplined to larn based on the illustrations set by the leaders of the organisation. When leaders of NBK show enthusiasm to take part in duologues or entertain healthy arguments, or demo willingness to larn, the people below tend to acquire influenced and follow suit efficaciously.

Leaderships as a function theoretical account in this factor are expected to be unfastened to new thoughts, invite and be receptive to inputs from others, accept their ain short approachs and demo willingness to larn, inquire thought arousing inquiries, be a good hearer, appreciate creativeness and invention and let employees to reflect on their past public presentations.

How to advance cognition based acquisition at NBK?

Most of the organisations are either non cognizant or have a misconception about larning. Therefore they commit two errors in the procedure. First, they assume placing the job and repairing it as larning. They do non travel to the root cause of the job which is the acquisition or the understanding degrees of the professionals.

Harmonizing to Chris Argyris in his article ‘Teaching smart people how to larn ‘ , the acquisition can be individual cringle acquisition or dual cringle acquisition. Single cringle acquisition is larning where the professionals learn how to make the occupation and they merely do it harmonizing to the books. Double cringle acquisition is where the professionals learn how to make the occupation, understand why ‘s and how ‘s, inquiry and correct if procedure does non do logical sense. Most professionals are good at individual cringle larning harmonizing to their academic making. They tend to travel defensive if something goes incorrect and seek to switch the incrimination on others.

The 2nd error most of the organisations make is to presume that they can accomplish larning through motive. Organizations assume that the motivated professionals will larn by themselves. So, organisations concentrate more on compensations, one-year virtues, publicities etc.

The learning organisation demands mechanisms for turn uping and measuring organisational theories of action. Unwanted values need to be discarded in a procedure called ‘unlearning ‘ . Wang and Ahmed refer to this as ‘triple cringle acquisition. ‘

NBK can better on acquisition by accommodating and encouraging three-base hit cringle larning whereby the directors and employees ground about their behaviour, a focal point of organisations larning and uninterrupted betterment plan though acquisition and strategic unlearning.

Where larning starts?

The acquisition has to get down at the employee or the professional degree. Management acquisition has become the nucleus competence and anchor for endurance for a director in an organisation. The director needs to constantly maintain looking to larn from their equals, subsidiaries, foremans, competition and be advanced and originative in coming up with new developments and solutions.

Harmonizing to George K Najjar & A ; Mohammed Zaidan in the preparation catalogue on ‘Management acquisition faculty, the direction acquisition can be through assorted beginnings, some of them are listed below with illustrations give by me based on my acquisition in NBK:

Learning through direction establishments whereby the professional learns all the theories related to the direction harmonizing to their specialisation.

Learning during the employment

Learning through Observation

Work Ethical motives and Work Culture.


Communication Protocols.



Conflict direction.

Team kineticss.



Working under force per unit area.

Learning through preparation

Merchandise and Promotion.

Leadership accomplishments.

Communication accomplishments.

Interpersonal accomplishments.

System preparation.

Learning through supervisory intercession

Dispute declaration.

Team kineticss.

Communication protocols.


Auditing, controls, leading.

Learning through Experience

Behavioral forms and multicultural sensitiveness.

System orientation.

Customer Control.

Procedure orientation.

Interpersonal accomplishments.

Communication Skills.

Learning through errors




Designation to declaration, procedure corrections.

Unpressured internal duologue.

Learning through crisis

Pressures due to Economic Crisis.

Change of Management.

System Mistakes.



Master client handling.

Adaptability and Flexibility.

Training plans, forums etc Acts of the Apostless as the best beginning for the uninterrupted acquisition. Professionals are sent to even other parts of the universe to get cognition about new engineerings, merchandises and services so that the organisation can be advanced and stay competitory in the market. NBK invests to a great extent on preparation plans for their human capital.

Self larning – chiefly takes topographic point when an employee is self motivated. There are many beginnings for ego larning like books, cyberspace etc.

The drivers for direction acquisition

Self-Awareness / Inner Motivation – Until and unless the professional identifies his defects and decides to larn by himself by seting in a batch of extra attempt, he or she can ne’er be pushed to larn.

Company demand and policy – for case, it is the requirement for an person to undergo preparation to larn the occupation ( like the NBK academy ) .

Mentors – In a professional environment it is really common that each person has a wise man and the invidividual could make up one’s mind to acquire into larning based on the advice from the wise man.

Peer force per unit area – There is competition in every professionally managed organisation for growing. This could drive the person to prosecute in larning

Career impulse – In some of the maps certain qualitification could be a must to accomplish certain calling impulse. For case, growing in Finance Department may necessitate a MBA in Finance or finishing CFA.

Incentives – An person could be driven based on the inducements offered by the direction.

Continuation – in some of the occupation profile acquisition is a uninterrupted procedure and to stay competent the employees are driven to maintain larning up to day of the month. For case, package development, web direction etc, the employees must maintain acquisition on a uninterrupted footing.

The success of organisation is straight linked to the most critical plus of the organisation which happens to be the human capital or the rational capital of the forces in the organisation. Recognizing the importance of rational capital, matured and good established organisations have invested to a great extent in bettering professional mind through effectual learning direction.

Harmonizing to James Brian Quinn, Philip Andeson and Sydney Finkelstein in their article ‘Making the most of the best ‘ , there are four degrees of professional mind, they are:

Cognitive cognition ( or know-what ) – This is a cognition which is acquired by professionals through faculty members, preparations and enfranchisements and is the basic necessity to carry through competences that is required to make the assigned occupation.

Advanced accomplishments ( Know-how ) – This is cognition that helps the professionals to set theory into pattern and advanced accomplishment set will assist the professional to research and be originative and go an expert in the occupation function.

System understanding ( know-why ) – This cognition is the enhanced experience based on expertness and experience where professionals understand the procedure and work flows ( fundamentally the how ‘s ‘ and why ‘s ) and possess complete terminal to stop cause and effects of procedures. This cognition besides assists the professionals in screening more complex and ambitious issues so that quality clip can be spent on cognition sweetening and invention.

Self motivated creativeness ( care-why ) – in this degree the professional puts all the cognition into trial and attempts to be originative. The cognition acts as a motive for the professionals to research and be originative and lead to invention instead than complacence.

How to develop professional mind at NBK?

Enroll the best – Enrolling the best resource is like capital outgo disbursement on a system or a engineering whereby proper appraisal is made to analyse the ROI and profitableness, stableness, scalability in the short and long tally. The best resource is the best plus that NBK could hold, hence NBK should hold all the possible showing to filtrate out the best resource to forestall the gulf between the accomplishment and the cognition and the occupation. The best suitable making, competences, experience etc should be good defined for each function so that the right forces are employed for the right occupation.

Force intensive early development – Professionals should be subjected to rigorous accomplishment and cognition preparation and on the occupation preparations from the early phases of enlisting so that they will be non merely good equipped to manage the occupation, they will besides obtain expertness and heighten the procedure. The professionals should guarantee that they get the rudimentss and basicss right which is merely like a acquisition curve for a kid. The better they will be if they get the basicss right. Intensive early development can be achieved through on the occupation preparation, changeless public presentation monitoring and by mensurating the occupation cognition.

Constantly increase the professional challenges – Professionals should invariably be challenged so that they will come out with their best creativeness. The professional director should ever put marks or an nonsubjective that requires optimum dedication from the professionals.

Evaluate and weed – Professionals requires drivers to force them to execute. Changeless feedback on their public presentation in footings of comparing with their equals will actuate them to execute better. It is imperative for NBK to accomplish proper nonsubjective congratulations and selective weeding.

Management Learning Cycle.


The diagram above is self explanatory. The acquisition within an organisation usually goes through the above rhythm and it is a uninterrupted acquisition rhythm. NBK should guarantee that this uninterrupted larning rhythm is implemented and should hold systems in topographic point to mensurate the same.

The benefits of larning direction:

Better public presentation on the occupation

Acquisition of new cognition going relevant to altering occupation

Acquisition of behavioural cognition relevant to effectual corporate citizenship

Preparation for a new occupation up the promotional ladder or even laterally

Personal growing chances.

To invariably advance acquisition, NBK should implement systems in topographic point to record, shop and analyze consequences for the questionnaire proposed by By David A Garvin, Amy C. Edmondson and Francesca Gino in their article ‘Is yours a larning organisation? ‘ in which NBK can understand and measure if direction acquisition is taking topographic point in all the religious orders and all degrees of the organisation like Employee Level, Team and section Level, and the Bank ‘s leading degree. The appraisal should be done based on the undermentioned 3 blocks recommended by the writers and I am supplying some justification or examples wherever it is possible.

Constructing Block 1 – Supportive Learning Environment

Psychological Safety

In this unit, it is easy to talk up about what is on your head – NBK work civilization encourages freedom of address, NBK ‘s top direction sets a good illustration for employees at all degrees to follow.

If you make a error in this unit, it is frequently held against you – At NBK, employees are given just sum of opportunities every bit long as employees use it as a acquisition curve and re-engineer the procedure to avoid errors. At a unit degree, sometimes it depends on the unit leader and at certain work units employees are penalized for the errors they commit.

Peoples in this unit are normally comfy speaking about jobs and dissensions – At NBK, employees are encouraged to develop and keep an unfastened and crystalline civilization and are free to show their dissensions.

A individual in this unit are eager to portion information about what does and does n’t work – NBK encourages horizontal, perpendicular and random coteries for sharing information.

Keeping your cards near to your waistcoat is the best manner to acquire in front in this unit – As pointed out in the old point, NBK encourages sharing of information. But, few persons maintain information to themselves as they are insecure of their place in the Bank.

Appreciation of Differences

Differences of sentiment are welcome in this unit. – Differences of sentiment are considered as an avenue to clear up and take the right determination at NBK.

Unless an sentiment is consistent with what most people in this unit believe, it wo n’t be valued. – As a general rule, people ‘s positions are accepted and analyzed. Few single act as a barrier and do non accept others sentiment if it ‘s against their belief, even if it serves the organisation.

This unit tends to manage differences of sentiment in private or offline, instead than turn toing them straight with the group.

In this unit, people are unfastened to alternate ways of acquiring work done. – The staff are encouraged to be originative and alternate ways are ever explored for procedure re-engineering.

Openness to new thoughts

In this unit, people value new thoughts – At NBK, we can pull batch of motive from top direction as they ever encourage and motivate employees to be originative and come with new and advanced thoughts.

Unless an thought has been around for a long clip, no 1 in this unit wants to hear it.

In this unit, people are interested in better ways of making things – At NBK ; we are invariably urged to look at re-engineering and heightening the procedures to do the work more efficient.

In this unit, people frequently resist unseasoned attacks

Time for contemplation

Peoples in this unit are excessively stressed.

Despite the work load, people in this unit happen clip to reexamine how the work is traveling – At NBK, changeless reappraisal, feedbacks, and team meetings takes topographic point to reexamine the advancement of the work.

In this unit, agenda force per unit area gets in the manner of making a good occupation – Some units particularly in gross revenues, selling, merchandises and publicity experience this state of affairs at NBK.

In this unit, people are excessively busy to put clip in betterment – Some units particularly in gross revenues, selling, merchandises and publicity experience this state of affairs at NBK.

There is merely no clip for contemplation in this unit.

Constructing Block 2 – Concrete acquisition procedures and patterns


This unit experiments often with new ways of working.

This unit experiments often with new merchandises or service offerings – NBK is considered as an advanced organisation and NBK has launched many new merchandises or services offering before any other bank in the Kuwait market.

This unit has a formal procedure for carry oning and measuring experiments or new thoughts.

This unit often employs paradigms or simulations when seeking out new thoughts.

Information aggregation

This unit consistently collects information on

Rivals – At NBK, the strategic, selling & A ; merchandise direction units invariably tracks information about competition and their offerings to proactively counter the offering and to be the advanced market leader.

Economic and societal tendencies – NBK paths and manages economic and societal tendencies really expeditiously. For case, NBK copped up good during the recent recession and in fact faired really good in footings of gross coevals.

Customers – NBK understand the cardinal potencies of the information about the clients. The information is expeditiously used for all the trueness, keeping, and new merchandise offering ( aim section designation ) .

Technological tendencies.

This unit often compares its public presentation with that of


Best in the category organisation – NBK invariably benchmarks it ‘s criterion of service against local competition and planetary Bankss to keep and guarantee the best criterions in the banking industry.

Analysis – In general NBK gives tonss of accent for analytical logical thinking and supports thoughts and enterprises which are backed up logical and analytical logical thinking.

This unit engages in productive struggle and argument during treatments.

This unit seeks out dissenting positions during treatments.

This unit ne’er revisits good established position during treatments.

This unit often identifies and discusses underlying premises that might impact cardinal determinations.

This unit ne’er pays attending to different positions during treatments.

Education and developing – NBK as an organisation has ever valued the employees as the organisation ‘s best plus and has spent copiously on enriching the employee ‘s skill/knowledge and competences.

Newly hired employees in this unit receive equal preparation – NBK ensures that every new employee is provided with sufficient orientation on assignment.

Experienced employees in this unit receive

Periodic preparation and preparation updates

Training when exchanging to a new place – NBK provides intensive workshop to the employees to do them competent to manage the new place.

Training when new enterprises are launched

In this unit, preparation is valued – At NBK, preparation is ever considered as an added advantage to the employee ‘s making and their cognition and accomplishment development is put to utilize for the organisation ‘s development and benefit.

In this unit, clip is made available for instruction and preparation activities – NBK leading ensures that employees are relieved of their responsibilities and made available to heighten their cognition through instruction and preparation activities

Information transportation – NBK thrives to guarantee information/knowledge is shared for the development of single or the division or the organisation. NBK dedicates batch of clip and attempt to learn the forces and to larn from the forces about competition, new merchandises, engineerings etc.

This unit has forums for meeting with and larning from

Experts from other sections, squads or division.

Experts from outside the organisation.

Customers and clients.


This unit regularly portions information with webs of experts within the organisation.

This unit regularly portions information with webs of experts outside the organisation.

This unit rapidly and accurately communicates new cognition to identify determination shapers.

This unit on a regular basis conducts station audits and after action reappraisals.

Constructing Block 3 – Leadership that enforces larning – NBK leading, get downing from top direction ever promote common acquisition and this leading manner is cascaded to all the supervisory functions.

My directors invite input from others in treatments.

My directors acknowledge their ain restrictions with regard to knowledge, information or expertness.

My directors inquire examining inquiries.

My directors listen attentively.

My directors encourage multiple points of position.

My directors provide clip, resources and locales for placing jobs and organisational challenges.

My directors provide clip, resources and locales for reflecting and bettering on past public presentation.

My directors criticize positions different from their ain.


In my sentiment or general feeling, I would see NBK to be a acquisition organisation which invariably looks to larn from all the sections of the society and to go through on this cognition to the employees harmonizing to the features and rules of a learning organisation as stated in the vision statement of NBK ( Invest in people ) .