The scope of this study will ask the consent of 30 BAS students to answer the questions to be provided with enough knowledge, experience and maturity to understand the purpose of this study. The data gathering will be held on second semester In a span of four months covering December 2014 to March 2015. This study will focus on the effects of the Retention Policy to academic performance of accounting students. Knowing the possible effects of retention policy is the core topic the research will revolve to. F.

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Theoretical Framework The secret of successful retention programs is no secret at all, but a reaffirmation of some of the important foundations of higher education. In short, retention is no more than, but certainly no less than, successful education. ” (DRP. Vincent Tint, Syracuse University,2010). G. Conceptual Framework . Review of Related Literature There are some schools who also implement the Retention policy among Accounting Students: university of Stop. Thomas Adamson University De La Sale university With the help of implementing retention policies, their objective is to produce topnotch and high percentage in passing the CPA Board

Examination. (Anthony, 2014). Historically, retention was first investigated before 1 930, but the first critical review of the studies was by Jackson in 1975. Unfortunately, Jackson pointed out that most of the research conducted prior to his review was limited and lacked significant results; however, he concluded that retention was not beneficial to students whereas promotion would be more beneficial. This literature review will discuss the recent research that supports Jackson’s original assertion (e. G. , Simenon et al. , 2006; Holmes, 1989; Redbrick, 1994; Reemerged, 1995; Sheppard & Smith, 1990).

Diane Nutty, head of the student retention team at Desisted University, says it is important to think particularly carefully about students’ first year to make sure they get a good start. She says academics and support services should work together to plan ahead for issues that may affect students at the beginning of their courses. Nutty says you need to ensure that courses seem relevant. “By introducing real relevance at the beginning of their studies you can engage students,” she says. “Once they are involved they are more likely to stay even if they are having problems in other areas such as family or money problems. ” (Diane Nutty, 2008) II.

Methodology The researcher made use of the survey method. It is a survey about the Effects of Retention Policy to the Academic Performance of Accounting Students. This study had for its subjects 30 Accounting students of San Sebastian College -Recollects De Cavity. The researchers constructed ten questionnaires consisting of three questions with different statements that are related to the research investigation which the researchers are searching answer for. The copies of question nearer were distributed personally by the researchers to the target respondents. After the respondents answered, the questionnaires were collected and compiled.