Introducing Nokia To Media Business Marketing Essay

This study will try to present Nokia to another line of concern i.e to diversify to media telecommunication as an extra nucleus country of their concern. Diversification is an of import construct that every administration needs to integrate into their concern which helps advance growing and development ; it besides helps the administration to cognize other countries which they can venture into which will assist them to better the universe in Diaspora. ( Kaplan, 2004 ) though over the old ages Nokia has been a taking makers of nomadic devices and equipment but diversifying into another concern ca n’t be over accent. Nokia has a strong trade name that has made it to command a premium for its merchandise and distinguish itself from rivals. There has been a force per unit area on the company ‘s operating public presentation and market portion as a consequence of uninterrupted intense competition from other participants which has affected the company ‘s market portion and gross over the recent times.

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The range of this study is focused on United Kingdom economic system and utilizing virgin media to back up the thought and measure the environment environing the media concern in united land. The thought to diversify into another line of concern which is still in line with their vision and mission statement was as a consequence of duplicate, bing within the nomadic phone maker. Another critical ground for this variegation is based on future enlargement and as a replacement to resuscitate the company in instance of any decline in other portion of the concern.


Nokia Vision Statement is ‘a universe where everyone can be connected ‘ and Nokia promise is ‘to aid people feel near to what is of import to them ‘

The pick of diversifying into media concern is still in line with their vision statement and by entertaining and educating people with programmes will do them experience near and acquire connected easy.



Strong trade name image, Leading market place and increasing presence in growing markets.


Weak high terminal merchandise portfolio, Weak presence in the US and UK


Expansion into content services Strategic acquisitions intense competition


Economic lag impacting disbursement, duplicate of Nokia merchandise in some portion of the state,

Beginning: Verdict, 2007

Based on their SWOT analysis, it truly shows that Nokia has all it takes to be able to venture into other lines of concern which could in turn generate more net income to the concern. Though there is a really strong trade name in the field of media concern such as Virgin media but there is hope of lasting as an advanced company bing in the clip yesteryear. Besides, the monolithic duplicate of Nokia merchandise is a great thing that Nokia has to concentrate on and the obliteration of this act is non something that can be done easy. More so, traveling by the gross analysis of the each division of Nokia concern, it shows that in some parts of the mark country such as United Kingdom, United province of America, their budget income has reduced.

Grosss by Geography

China, Nokia ‘s largest geographical market, accounted for 11.7 % of the entire grosss in FY2008. Grosss from China reached ?5,916 million ( $ 8,704.4 million ) in 2008, an addition of 0.3 % over 2007. India accounted for 7.3 % of the entire grosss in FY2008. Grosss from India reached ?3,719 million ( $ 5,471.9 million ) in 2008, an addition of 1 % over 2007. Great Britain accounted for 4.7 % of the entire grosss in FY2008. Grosss from Great Britain reached ?2,382 million ( $ 3,504.7 million ) in 2008, a lessening of 7.5 % over 2007. Germany accounted for 4.5 % of the entire grosss in FY2008. Grosss from Germany reached ?2,294 million ( $ 3,375.3 million ) in 2008, a lessening of 13.1 % over 2007. Beginning: finding of fact ( 2007 ) From above analysis, it shows that the gross generated in United Kingdom has reduced which is portion of the ground for Nokia to believe for another line of concern.


There is a demand to critically measure the concern environment environing the media concern. However, this appraisal will be based on the concern environment impacting Virgin media as a taking company in media industry. The concern environment impacting any signifier of concern can be either be internal factor ( employee, direction, etc ) or external factor ( Political factor, economic, technological ) .The degree of competition in most administration is rather high, so an accurate feasibleness survey of the environment will supply equal information on the nature of competition.

For the intent of this survey, I will reexamine the concern environment facing by the administration in media universe. Business environment impacting every concern can be internal and environment.


This by and large consists of the tendencies and events within an administration that affects the direction, employees and organizational civilization. This factor is under the control of the director for determination devising. The analysis of the internal environment could be done by measuring the administrations strengths and failings.


The external environment consists of factors that the company has no strong control over. They are factors that are non controlled by the administration. These external environmental factors could be legal/ political, economical, socio- cultural and technological as it may associate excessively or impact the concern. ( Bell, Mcbride and Wilson, 1994 )

However, the external environment shall be discussed in relation to VIRGIN MEDIA


Government ‘s intervention

Employment and safety Torahs

Political stableness as it affects concern


Tax Issues

Interest rates


Technological FACTORS

Competing engineering development

Degrees of outgo on research and development

Global communicating



Life manner tendencies

Green environmental issues

Shift in values and civilization

Figure: Plague Analysis

( Adapted from Lynch, 2003 )

There are no simple regulations regulating an environmental analysis of any administration. The factor listed above shall be demonstrated in related to media concern in United Kingdom.

Socio-cultural factors:

Now in the UK there has been a batch of concerns over the environment doing most concerns take the environment into consideration on how their end product on production affect the environment. In accomplishing these, company like Virgin media faced challenge of $ 25 million as a award for anyone who came up with a feasible manner of acquiring rid of nursery gases.

Technological factors:

Technological factors as it can impact media concern environment, it could be said that the impact of new engineering like the cyberspace as mentioned most immature 1s these yearss tends to set more attending and involvement into societal networking sites like the face book and my infinite which is a strong turning tendency in the UK than the traditional telecasting thereby cut downing sum of immature viewing audiences, this is a altering factor confronting MEDIA in its environment.

Economic factors:

The issue of involvement rate and rising prices besides affects concerns e.g. in April 2005 there was an rising prices rate of 1.9 % , which brought about the rise in crude oil and impact other sectors of the economic system.i.e. nutrient and menu rates.

For a company like Virgin media to maximize net income as a consequence of this factor, it sets up a scheme on how to maintain the current workers and continuing the current quality of service while cutting cost without lying off its staff. Virgin relies entirely on its trade name name and anchor image of the main executive Sir Richard Branson. Virgins ‘ chief intent is to present value for money by cut downing cost, bettering conformity, simplifying procedures, lifting service degrees, cut downing hazards and developing successful relationships which is the exclusive involvement of Nokia as good.

Political / Legal Factors:

There had been some instances where the authorities Torahs affects the type of information that has to be heard or seen by the media, there are regulations on certain programmes which must conform to authorities ordinance on broadcast medium, e.g. Recent instance of blackmail of the royal household sex dirt, the name of the royal household could non be mentioned by any intelligence media here in the UK because of some political governmental Torahs that are in topographic point. Other political factors are listed as above besides affect the manner the media company runs the administration fig: Plague ANALYSIS ( Lynch, 2005 ) . Besides there is frequently a legal conflict each clip a company wants to come in a new market. An illustration of that is the BSKYB vs. Virgin Media ( once ntl: Telewest ) instance in 2007, when it wanted to travel into the digital wage Television broadcast medium. Sky had a client base of 70 % of the market but Virgin had merely come into the market and wanted to interrupt the monopolistic overseas telegram screening. Financial times, ( 2007 ) .

Selling Scheme

The Ansoff growing matrix is a tool that helps administrations to make up one’s mind their merchandise and market growing scheme. Grunig & A ; Kuhn ( 2005 ) “ Ansoff matrix suggests that concern growing depends on whether its new in the market or bing merchandise in new or bing markets. ”

Beginning: Grunig & A ; Kuhn ( 2005 )

Market incursion is a scheme for growing where concerns focus on selling bing merchandises in to bing markets. Nokia should perforate into the market by establishing a programme to gaining control and perforate the market. In making this, Nokia should convey together larning originative section, play, amusement, young person and kids section under a individual caput to make programmes that will increase accomplishments, abilities and give rare chances. This scheme will beef up programme presentation on Television.

Another scheme Nokia can follow is Diversification. Diversification is the name given to the growing scheme where an administration sells out new merchandises in bing markets. This is an inherently more hazard scheme because the concern is traveling into markets in which it has little or no experience, so it can non mensurate the degree of its success or failure rate, but optimistic that is traveling to hold a positive and promising result at the terminal of the twenty-four hours. For a concern to follow a variegation scheme, it must hold a clear thought about what it expects to derive from scheme and an honorable appraisal of possible hazards. Based on my experience, Nokia can better their growing by redesigning and re -launching website such as You Tube, better the bing merchandises quality, affecting more in comedy programmes, educative programmes that will assist young person and juvenile and besides the launching of Newspaper.

Besides, in order to last in a competitory environment Nokia can ship on the Emergent attack scheme, this is because the external environment supports altering new developments coming in with engineering, the rivals excessively alterations schemes to maintain them at a more competitory advantage. The emergent attack is the 1 whose concluding aims are ill-defined and whose elements are developed during the class of its life, as the scheme returns.

Changeless monitoring

Analysiss of the Vision mission and Strategy development

Environment aims. And execution

Analysis of resources. Changeless monitoring

Strategic analysis. Strategic development.


Strategy execution plays a critical function than scheme planning and it is an indispensable phase for administration development. Every administration has their aims and marks for net income and to run into the client demand.

Nokia needs a alteration, at this present twenty-four hours of all advanced thoughts. There are assorted theoretical accounts used to implement alteration and scheme efficaciously within an organisation. Most normally used is Kurt Lewin ‘s theoretical account of alteration besides known as three-step theoretical account. Kurt Lewin ‘s theoretical account of alteration demonstrates planned alteration attack. Change at Nokia will be planned alteration procedure developed to acquire long term effects and can be mapped with Kurt Lewin ‘s theoretical account of alteration, as follows ;

Step1: Unfreezing: “ This is first measure in Lewin ‘s theoretical account of alteration. It seeks to destabilise ( unfreeze ) composite filed of drive and restraining forces which prevent human behaviour from altering ” Burnes, B. , ( 2004 ) .

There is a demand for alteration in Nokia scheme, construction or operations necessary for its viability in future, the first measure is to pass on the demand for alteration with stakeholders and workers in the organisation. This procedure of informing people of forth coming alteration can minimise opposition to alter.

Step2: Passage: “ This is the 2nd measure in Lewin ‘s theoretical account of alteration. It involves placing and measuring assorted types of alteration on offer and implementing the chosen one ” Burnes, B. ( 2004 ) . Harmonizing to Kurt Lewin ; one time you have unfrozen people, to maintain them traveling towards alteration ; develop a successful alteration scheme, which reduces opposition against change.such as preparation and meeting that will assist them understand the ground for the alteration and how the positive deduction of the alteration.

Step3: Refreezing: “ This is 3rd measure in Lewin ‘s theoretical account of alteration. It seeks to stabilise new behaviors in order to guarantee that they are comparatively safe from arrested development ” Burnes, B. ( 2004 ) . After execution of new schemes, people start going more attuned to new ways of making things and these are indicants that they are accepting new scheme. In the interim there is demand to stabilise the environment and to refreeze province.


Acknowledge the demand for CHANGE, happening out the grounds and forces for alteration and possible resisting forces


Develop the alteration scheme and implement the alteration utilizing scheme to diminish opposing forces


Adoption of the new behaviour and stabilising the environment, let unfastened feedback and response

Figure: Kurt Lewin ‘s Model of alteration, ( Beginning: Lewin ; 1951 )

In order for Nokia to implement schemes, there are dimension which has to be followed. Wit & A ; Meyer, ( 2004 ) states that ”there are three dimensions of scheme that can be organised in every existent life strategic job state of affairs as depicted below

Organisational Purpose

Imputes for scheme Activities

( Input )

Scheme Content

Consequence for Strategy Activities

( Output )

Strategy Process

Flow of Strategy Activities

( Throughput )

Strategy Context

Conditionss Surrounding Strategy Activities

Figure: Dimensions of Strategy and the organizational Purpose ( Source: Wit & A ; Meyer, 2004 ) Based on theoretical account shown above, scheme execution program is prepared for Nokia, which takes inform of input, action and generates consequences as shown below ;

Operation a

Redesigning and relaunch web site, utilizing popular tech sites such as YouTube

Gather user demands, Allocate undertakings and resources, Monitor advancement, Test terminal merchandise and present it


Better web site launched. More satisfied clients

Addition in figure of clients


Operation B

Find new markets ; develop new merchandises

Survey clients and analyse markets Gather user demands resources, nitor advancement, Test terminal merchandise and present it


Business growing, more satisfied clients

Addition in figure of clients

Increased gross


Operation degree Celsiuss

Improve bing merchandises quality and enhance bing marker

Survey clients and analyse markets Gather user demands, locate undertakings and resources, Monitor advancement, Test terminal merchandise and present it


Business growing, more satisfied clients

Addition in figure of clients

Increased gross


Operation vitamin D

Innovate, research and develop new merchandises anseservice for new markets.

Analyse marketGather user demands, Allocate undertakings and resources, Monitor advancement, Test terminal merchandise and present it


Business growing, more satisfied clients Increase in figure of clients Increased gross


Time & A ; Resource Planning Guide

Short Term Goals



Measure Success

Operation a


Finance, people, accomplishments

Gap Analysis, SWOT, Survey

Operation B


Finance, people, accomplishments

SWOT, Survey

Operation degree Celsiuss


Finance, people, accomplishment


Operation vitamin D

15- Calendar months

Finance, people, accomplishment

Gap Analysis, SWOT, Survey

The concern activities do non halt at the execution of the schemes. They need uninterrupted monitoring and rating as a portion of betterment procedure and to accomplish quality criterions. After acquiring end product in form of value added services, must acquire feedback to cognize if it still needs any betterments. We can implement EFQM theoretical account of Entire Quality Management to better and supervise the quality criterions.


Kotler, ( 2005 ) market cleavage is the designation of part of the market that is different from one another. it can be discussed under Geographic and Demographic

Geographic – The geographical country for this variegation will be United land in order to be able to complement the decrease in the gross bing in the UK market.

DEMOGRAPHIC – Male and female. Age 20-50 which is the section that are interested in societal activities sites like the face book and my infinite which is a strong turning tendency in the UK.

TARGETING STRATEGIES – If an administration is seeking to sell to everyone, so such administrations will likely stop up selling to no 1. There are of import factors to see when choosing a mark market section. The attraction of the section and the tantrum between the section and the house ‘s aims, resources and capablenesss. Nokia can follow an Undifferentiated Targeting attack. With this attack, Nokia will concentrate on what is common to all market sections, instead than trying to work the differences. This type of “ mass selling ” attack is suited for this type of industry


Merchandise placement is the act of planing the company ‘s merchandise and selling mix to suit a given topographic point in the consumer ‘s head. To accomplish the ends and aims set out by this selling program in respects to making a more up market trade name to take advantage of consumers looking for value nomadic phones without giving excessively much on quality, Nokia must establish a Advanced Repositioning attack by usage of advertisement and publicities of this new trade name and word of oral cavity which has worked so good.

Selling MIX –


Nokia merchandises range from nomadic telephone to media concern. With their variegation in media concern will help them to research in their other nucleus concern.


In term of pricing Nokia should follow incursion scheme that will assist them to contend the competition with other rivals like Virgin media.

Topographic point

Nokia should aim most interesting programme that will educate the young person in the most of the Television station.


Nokia should pass money on publicity of their media concern and besides on their other merchandises. By so making, the other line of their concern will better.


There is no quantitative grounds to back up my option due to non direct engagement in the media concern. However, media concern is a really moneymaking concern that I suggest could be available option for Nokia to keep their place since they have a really strong trade name. Virgin is a taking illustration of a company that diversify into assorted signifiers of concern which has earnestly improved their public presentation in general.