I and skills to make a different

I have a motivated to apply for NAD Youth Leadership Camp because I want to get an experience of being a great leader. The leadership can increase the productivity of anything.The leadership helps build self-confidence and wisdom. I want to gain the knowledge and skills to make a different in my school, my community, my country, and even my world. It also will form a new relationship with others. They will surround me with other leaders. I will identify my current leadership strengths and weakness and learn how to build on them. It will gain the ability to see more areas of opportunity and grab some opportunities. If there is an opportunity, it gives me to motivate and inspire other people to grow and become a leader. It also can develop my communication skills with others. I want to be out of my comfort zone and see the real-world with challenge myself and face of risk and fear. Once I gain a leadership, and it gains my valuable knowledge. I want to feel more personal responsibility and self-esteem in my lives. The Youth Leadership Camp will give me the growth of personally therefore I want to know my true identity, and who I am. I’ll get the opportunity to get to know myself a little better by exploring my motivations to lead, and self confidence. I would like to see a diversity of people and learn something new about them. It will gain my effective with myself and social members too. This program will give me the information so I can become a leader, not a follower. Lastly, I know this valuable leadership experience will lead and help me to be a better leadership and great showcase to a successful future.

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