Creating The Advertising Message Marketing Essay

Heidi Stevens is a ocular creative person who recent alumnuss in unmarried man of picture taking in 2009 from Queensland College, Brisbane. A duologue of muliebrity is the construct of her art picture which created through costuming and public presentation ( Heidi Stevens, 2007 ) . In 2008, Heidi worked as an Artistic Director in The Queensland University of Technology Fashion Department on the For Us By Us undertaking ( Broadcast, 2010 ) . Heidi ‘s work demonstrates in diverse private aggregations, such as Queensland ‘s largest private picture taking aggregator ( Broadcast, 2010 ) . What is more, Heidi has received a batch of awards from her art work including Multinational Education coordinator for Griffith University and The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Flip & A ; Film Theatre workshop Griffith Innovation Challenge ( Broadcast, 2010 ) . Harmonizing to the art market tendencies ( 2010 ) , China and Hong Kong are in the 3rd place in planetary art market which is behind the United States and the UK. China and Hong Kong ‘s art market is increasing. The mark group of Heidi Stevens is people or company who is interested in ocular art and all right art exposure, such as magazine, book and packaging design. This study aims to advance Heidi Stevens trade name to Hong Kong market by utilizing the appropriate mix of an IMC scheme.

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IMC scheme program

Create Awareness

AS Heidi Stevens trade name is an unknown trade name in Hong Kong. The first measure that Heidi Stevens should make is making trade name consciousness. Brand consciousness is non merely clients cognizing about trade name name or seeing the trade name. However, it is besides a memory of the trade name including trade name name, logo and symbol. Brand consciousness can split into two types. The first 1 is trade name acknowledgment which is the ability of the consumer to asseverate anterior exposure to the trade name and the 2nd 1 is trade name callback which is the unaided retrieval of the trade name from memory ( Steve & A ; Keller, 2002 ) . Heidi Stevens has to make logo, motto ( originative & A ; unique ) and trade name placement because this is the easy manner for the mark market to see, hear and retrieve Heidi Stevens trade name in their head. Heidi Stevens would be suggested to utilize the two elements of publicity mix which are publicizing and public dealingss ( Chitty, Barker, & A ; Shimp, 2008 ) .


Heidi Stevens is traveling to be the new trade name in Hong Kong market. The advertisement map that Heidi Stevens suggest to utilize is informing map due to it can increase the mark group ‘s consciousness of new trade name every bit good as educate them about trade name characteristics and benefits Advertising is a competent signifier of communicating ability of making mass mark audiences at a comparatively low cost per contact ( Chitty et al. , 2008 ) .

Making the advertisement message

Beginning: 7005IBA International Marketing hebdomad 11 talk.

Merchandise characteristics, utilizations and benefits

Heidi Stevens ‘ merchandise is about originative and alone thought. Emotional scheme will be suggested to utilize in this portion due to ocular art design is all about emotional and feeling of mark audiences. Emotional scheme purposes to make the mark client at a splanchnic degree through the gamut of negative and positive emotions, such as love affair, nostalgia, exhilaration, fright, disgust and sorrow. Heidi Stevens ‘ work is to plan packaging, column and books with originative and alone thought. What is more, the company besides sells all right art exposure merchandises.

Characteristic of the mark audience

The mark audience of Heidi Stevens can split into three groups as followers:

Customer who interested in all right art photo- This mark market is up medium to upper category clients who aged between 35 to 65 old ages old. As Sykes ( 2008 ) stated that affluent people buy art for their enjoyment in order to increase their economic and societal position. Additionally, the art work can be upgraded and exchanged as the purchaser ‘s wealth increased.

Merchandise proprietor – This mark client is the merchandise proprietor who would wish to hold their merchandise ‘s packaging to be originative, alone and outstanding. In recent twenty-four hours, there are many merchandises with different trade name in Hong Kong. The merchandise proprietor have to engage the ocular creative person like Heidi Stevens to plan their merchandise packaging to be outstanding on the shelf in shopping promenade or supermarket.

Magazine and book proprietor – This mark client is magazine and book proprietor who are looking for ocular creative person to be editor in magazine and design the visual aspect of the books.

Ad run aim

The advertisement run is to construct a trade name consciousness of Heidi Stevens in Hong Kong market with a slogan ‘creative & A ; alone ‘ . This run will make in two linguistic communications which are English and Cantonese.

Choice of media


As supra mentioned, Heidi Stevens will utilize emotional scheme to make a trade name consciousness to aim client. Television is the effectual media that can make many mark audiences at the same clip. What is more, it is merely one media that can make consumers at the same time through both audile and ocular senses ( Chitty et al. , 2008 ) . The Heidi Steven ‘s will on air in the premier clip which is the highest clip that consumer ticker telecasting.


Heidi Stevens can utilize newspaper to make trade name consciousness every bit good as inform a merchandise ‘s item to aim client. A major strength of newspaper advertisement is aggregate audience coverage ( Chitty et al. , 2008 ) . Harmonizing to the research of Willnat ( 2009 ) , most of Hong Kong people with high income normally are light telecasting viewing audiences, but they are more likely to read newspaper due to their haste life style.


Heidi Stevens will take to publicize in specific magazine which range in the involvement of mark group, such as art, advertisement, exposure, packaging and so on. High quality production is the advantage of magazine due to the progress in the usage of engineering in magazine production. Heidi Stevens can publicize and show its art work every bit good as addition chance and flexibleness to pull the mark client ( Chitty et al. , 2008 ) .

Out of Home advertisement

Heidi Stevens would be suggested to utilize hoarding and theodolite advertisement to demo logo, trade name name, web site and primary aim. The recommend country to show the hoarding is heavy traffic countries. Billboard and theodolite advertisement are the major facet of out of place advertisement. These types of advertisement will do mark client to retrieve the logo or trade name name if sellers can make interesting advertisement on hoarding or theodolite. It all depends on which scheme that seller is traveling to utilize, such as subscribers, wit, frights, guilt and sex ( Chitty et al. , 2008 ) .

Internet and Website

Heidi Stevens would be suggested to make two more linguistic communications which are Chinese and Cantonese in web site ( ) . Additionally, the company should add more information about company background and award on the web site. The up to day of the month of intelligence information and new all right art proto is besides important. Harmonizing to research of Sin and Tse ( 2002 ) , the up to day of the month web sites including company ‘s intelligence, new merchandise and company run can stand for that company is still better and develop the merchandise and service in order to make client satisfaction and keep client relationship with the trade name. Furthermore, societal web ( facebook and chirrup ) play an of import function in advertisement in these twenty-four hours. Heidi Stevens should make its societal media on facebook to maintain in touch and update new information to client every bit good as the company can upload the event exposure and all right art exposure. Harmonizing to Hong Kong Facebook Statistic ( 2010 ) , the figure of facebook users in Hong Kong is about 3,703,108 users and the figure will increase 56 % in 2011. This means more than half of Hong Kong population is utilizing facebook.

Public Relation

Public relation or PR is a company activity implied with furthering good will between assorted populaces and company ( Chitty et al. , 2008 ) . Heidi Stevens would be suggested to make an art gallery event to advance Heidi Stevens trade name in Hong Kong. To be successful in art gallery, the company should supply the amusement value to frequenters. This can increase the spectator ‘s enjoyment. All staffs have to educate the cognition about plants of art and genres. The subject of this event is dinner, presentation and cocktail party which can animate grasp and sense of liability to the host gallery ( Sykes, 2008 ) .

Ad Cost



Cost ( HKD )


Jan- Mar 2012



Jan- Nov 2012



Jan- Nov 2012


Out of Home

Jan- June 2012


Internet & A ; website

All the clip

Public Relation

5 Jan 2012


Entire Cost = 2,050,000

Trade channel

There are three channels for Heidi Stevens to sell its merchandises and services to aim client.

The first channel is Heidi Stevens retail shop which is be aftering to turn up in South of Hollywood street due to this country is consisted of eating houses, old-timer shops and art galleries ( Hong Kong Travel, 2010 ) . As South of Hollywood street is a tourist finish of Hong Kong, so tourist in this street will be a possible client of Heidi Stevens. Online retail merchant is the 2nd channel to sell its merchandise and service to client. The 3rd channel to merchandise and show the merchandises to aim client is art festival, such as Hong Kong International Art Fair.

Measure the success

In this portion, Saatchi Advertising will split how to mensurate the advertisement effectivity in two subdivisions which are pre-measure and post-measure. For the pre-measure, Saatchi Advertising will utilize the Positioning Advertising Copy-testing Technique ( PACT ) which consists nine message-testing rules. This is industry criterion for message research that is formulated by taking US advertisement bureaus. PACT can be used for proving of advertisement in all media ( Chitty et al. , 2008 ) . In term of post-measure, Saatchi will make a study to measure the consequence after promote Heidi Steven ‘s advertisement in order to mensurate that whether the selling aim ( trade name consciousness ) is being accomplished. For case, how many per centum that the mark market aware of the trade name.


Brand consciousness is merely the first measure in constructing trade name equity for Heidi Stevens. However, this is non plenty to make a personality or feature of the trade name to remain in the heads of clients. The author would urge Heidi Stevens to go on to following measure which is build a strong trade name after success in advertisement run. CSM ( Corporate Societal Marketing ) will be suggested for Heidi Stevens to make in following measure. There are five points in CSM which are heightening trade name image, set uping trade name credibleness, arousing trade name feelings, making a sense of trade name community and arousing trade name battle ( Steve & A ; Keller, 2002 ) .