Childbirth and Georgia State

Their were two events that occurred this past semester that caused a magnitude of emotional stress which consequently effected my academic progress at Georgia State. The first event occurred January 5th, 2013. Had a termination for my pregnancy. I was previously aware of my pregnancy December 2012 during the end of my Fall semester. Taking in consideration that live in low income household having a child during that point of my life was not a wise choice to make if I wanted to continue attending school and working part time.

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After my operation I developed symptoms of post part oppression that substantially impaired my emotional well being. Before my actions of this event did not not consider how much this would affect my life and emotional development. It was very hard for me to cope with the choice I made of having an abortion. It began to be very stressful attending school and working part time while trying to deal with my overall situation. Bothersome another event took place in the morning of April 18th 2013 while was on my way to school, got into a head on collision which unfortunately totaled my vehicle.

Due to this event know longer had a liable resource that allowed me to to get back and forth to school. Not having anyone to talk to and relieve the built up stress I began to fall farther behind in my school work which led to my unsatisfactory progress at Georgia State. Am a young, determined African American woman with many dreams and aspirations for greatness. Attending Georgia State is an opportunity that I would like to continue learning and developing the knowledge I need to be successful within my life. I can truly say that this previous Spring semester has taught me a lot about my self.

Having an unsatisfactory progress is determination for me to push harder within school so that I can achieve the goals I have set out for my life. I tried to attend Summer classes of 201 3, but could not afford them which was a major eye opener that desperately want and need to be in college. Being unable to attend summer school due to my low income has personally shown me how important school is. I am willing to admit that was not fully prepared for the college life. L wasn’t ready to accept all the responsibility that came along with college plus the added on stress of he events that took place.

This year I fully intend on putting my academics first. Have spoken with my academic advisor Eric Shirley on the steps needed to return to having a good standing GAP. I do need financial aid to continue with my studies. I live in a household were neither one of my parents work, so they cannot afford to contribute to my education financially. Do ask that you provide me another chance to prove my dedication and my ability to perform as an outstanding student at Georgia State University. I appreciate your time in reviewing my appeal letter.