Building, Measuring, and Management of Brand Strategy

The CUBE model also is a like a roadman that eels with important approaches such as strategy and tactics. Other vital branches including design, brand names, and logos are found in it. Using CUBE effectively will result in building an effective and powerful strong brand, creating successful businesses in the competitive market. Examples such as Apple, GECKO and IBM, personify strategic brand management. Brand challenges and opportunities deal with the numerous risk factors and opportunities in branding.

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This leads to introducing and naming new products in the brand extensions stage where academic research, consumer feedback, evaluation of new opportunities based on a particular market. For example, the McDonald’s has introduced new brand and lines, and in the age of globalization it has created products for different regions of the world. Another important stage of SAM is developing a brand equity measurement & management system.

It is important to develop a strong and effective management system in order to survive in a sharp competitive market. Therefore this stage illustrates the importance of measuring the sources and effectiveness of BE, and introduces qualitative and quantitative research techniques to tackle ongoing competition. For example GECKO vs.. Progressive in the insurance industry. Finally, the longevity and reinforcement of brands over time. This is equally important when it comes to the revitalization of brands over time.

An example, is the Campbell soup company which concentrated too much of its resources in new products and in effect failed to reinforce existing products resulting in great losses. To sum up, the building, measuring, and management of brand strategy are one of the most important aspects of a successful business model. The internal and external uncertainty that a company comes across and the strategic directions that are implemented determine the strength of its brand and its success for the future.