Autocratic Leadership

The leader himself gets the things done. The advantage of this style is that it leads to speedy decision-making and greater productivity under leaders supervision. Drawbacks of this leadership style are that it leads to greater employee absenteeism and turnover. This leadership style works only when the leader is the best in performing in the job, unskilled and routine in nature or where the project is short-term and risky. A good example of this is Hitler he showed autocratic leadership by not taking into account other people’s wishes or opinions because he made himself into rower by creating his own army and taking command over Germany.

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By doing this he was in power and was able to tell people what to do when he wanted it done if any order was disobeyed you would be shot by his personal police the s. S. He used propaganda and force, he locked dissenters into camps like Auschwitz and he used radio and posters to make Germans think he is the only one who can lead them out of misery. He had duplication of various offices in his government. Those offices would work on similar projects but he would choose which project would go forward while limiting he information to the various group.

Thus everything went through him and information was not shared. He was a very self-centered man because he wouldn’t take any one else view on things and this lead to even his own officers trying to kill him because they didn’t agree with the way he was running the country. This all started when he took a personal hatred against the Jews because he thought they were an inferior race to the Nazi race he was creating this was in his opinion the perfect race which was blonde hair blue eyes. He was extremely authoritarian, He required the population of the

Third Reich to accept everything that he said as absolute law, and was able to impose a death sentence on anyone who failed to do so. Hitler was obsessed with being in control, and with being the alpha male in a rigid male dominance hierarchy. Democratic leadership Democratic leadership involves the distribution of power and authority between employees and managers to provide employee involvement in decision-making. Distribution of responsibility – A manager that leads democratically Will distribute responsibility among his group to facilitate participation in decision-making.

Empowering group members – Leaders must empower their members so that the members can accomplish their responsibilities. Empowerment includes providing training and education necessary for delegated task completion. Aiding group decision-making process – A major role of a democratic leader is to ensure democratic deliberation in making group decisions. This means that a leader should act as a facilitator and mediator between group members and ensure that a psychologically healthy and respectful environment is maintained. Under democratic leadership, the people have a more participatory role in the session making process.

One person retains final say over all decisions but allows others to share insight and ideas. This is often a highly effective form of leadership. People are more likely to excel in their positions and develop more skills when they feel empowered, and people are empowered when they are involved in the decision-making process. Although it may take some time to achieve full participation from a group, the end result will be rewarding if you can manage to establish a power-sharing environment in your group project. You will find that democratic practices often lead to a ore productive and higher quality work group.

A good example of a democratic leadership is David Cameron. Vote Eng system As there becomes more technology there has become more ways to vote than there ever has been. Most people are common to with the way of going to a polling station which is usually a church, school community centre to go into a voting booth a place a cross on a ballet slip next to the name of the person you want to be elected. But you can vote by post or by the internet. There are a couple of methods used in the LIKE and worldwide to decide who gets the job. First past the post

The single transferable vote The alternative post Proportional representation First past the post This is a very well-defined, the candidate with the highest number of votes in a constituency wins. In order to vote in a PPTP system you simply put an (x) next the name you want of the person you want to win. If your candidate gets more polls they win the vote, regardless if the person has more support. The alternative vote Voters must rank the candidates on the ballot paper in order of preference. If a candidate receives 50% or more of first person preferences then they elected.