An Introduction To The Skin Care Segment Marketing Essay

From soaps and shampoos in the forenoon to overnight fix face picks, from sunscreen merchandises in summers to humidifying lotions in winters ; skin attention merchandises literally touch our day-to-day lives. These merchandises we use are in some step the signature of our life styles and criterions of life.

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The tegument attention industry worldwide is a 50 Billion Dollar plus concern. Caring for the tegument of people throughout the universe is an extraordinary concern. It is a concern where people are passionate about their work, because it matters. It matters to their households, to their communities and to the universe.

It is a concern filled with enormous chance for leading and growing in the twenty-first century ; a concern where unmet needs still abound and where people around the universe are waiting for new and better solutions. Skin attention includes dramatic discoveries in scientific discipline and engineerings are opening the doors to bold new attacks ; where planetary demographic and economic tendencies favor growing.

It is a concern where a loosely based company with a strong vision, a civilization of lovingness and the resources to put in the hereafter has the chance to take the tegument attention to a new degree for people throughout the universe and where such a company can do a profound, positive difference for its clients.

Large Numberss of comparatively unorganized local participants give it competition in the lower-price sections. Since these participants typically operate in little geographicss, they invest about nil in trade name edifice and are therefore able to offer higher trade borders and sell to consumers at monetary values lower than those of HLL ‘s trade names.

Competition from organised national trade names particularly P & A ; G in the higher-price sections. In recent old ages, monetary value war between the two FMCG giants has resulted in a dwindling of net incomes for both.


P & A ; G Hygiene and Health Care Limited is one of India ‘s fastest turning Fast Traveling Consumer Goods Companies that has in its portfolio P & A ; G ‘s Billion dollar trade names such as Vicks & A ; Whisper. With a turnover of Rs. 500+ crores, the Company has carved a repute for presenting high quality, value-added merchandises to run into the demands of consumers.



Diversification: Merchandise variegation with about 300 merchandises. The diverse merchandise mix includes personal and beauty points, family merchandises, wellness and health, Baby and household and pet attention and nutrition.

Research and development: P & A ; G invests 3 – 4 % of Net outside Gross saless in research and development ( R & A ; D ) . This sum easy exceeds their prima rivals, among consumer merchandises companies. They besides have more Ph.D.s working in labs around the universe than the combined scientific discipline and technology module at Harvard, MIT and Berkeley.

Invention: In financial twelvemonth 2004-05, P & A ; G was granted 27,000 patents globally. P & A ; G has produced a figure of new merchandises like nappies ; shampoo and conditioner in one ; toothpaste that prevents osteoporosis. Its diversified merchandise mix helps in linking engineering across classs and brings invention to the merchandise.

Brand edifice: Advertisement outgo of P & A ; G is twice than the following company on the list of companies which spend extremely on advertisement.


Has merely late, in 2007, made a raid into the skin care sector in India with the launch of its Olay trade name. Is still a novitiate in a sector full of extremely experient rivals.

Inadequate quality control: With big figure of merchandise profile, the quality control of all the merchandises has deteriorated.


Developing markets: The economic systems of China and India are turning at a really fast gait. The company presently competes in merely about 10 of its top 25 classs in most underdeveloped states. This provides P & A ; G with an chance to heighten its market portion every bit good as expand its presence in other classs.


It ‘s trade name Olay faces direct competition Pond ‘s premium skin care scope.

Faces competition from local low-cost makers




Johnson & A ; Johnson ‘s scope of babe merchandises is used widely by grownups as it is one trade name which is known for being really gentle on the tegument.

Clean and Clear face wash has efficaciously targeted the teenage section which is paranoiac of hickey jobs and needs an effectual and low-cost redress to acne.


Neutrogenaoffering about 25 beauty points runing from fairness picks, face cleansing lotions to sun protection and manus and organic structure attention merchandises which was launched as a premium merchandise is priced excessively steeply and non differentiated plenty from Clean and Clear to warrant the high monetary value.


The skin care section is turning at a rate of 13 % in India and therefore provides huge growing chances to Johnson and Johnson.


Ayurvedic merchandises which are likewise soft on the tegument for e.g. Himalaya

Faces competition from FMCG giants HUL and P & A ; G which have really long merchandise line

Factors determining the industry

5.1 Growth Drivers

Consumers clearly believe that taking attention of their tegument is one of the most of import parts of their overall wellness and beauty governments. Research shows that more consumers rated taking attention of their tegument as ‘important ‘ than they did for looking their best in daily life, foregrounding how polar skin care is to the bulk.

Rapid urbanization

Increased buying power

Greater consciousness of manner amongst the younger population

Rising engagement of adult females in urban work force

Turning inclination to concentrate on single and self satisfaction

Turning importance of expressions and personal training for personal and professional grounds

Market tendencies like spread of organized retail to Tier II metropoliss

Development of non-traditional sections like work forces ‘s cosmetics

Development of a broad scope of merchandises at different monetary value points

Increasing competition with entry of big MNCs

Increased trade name edifice

Customer consciousness enterprises by companies

Source-EIU CIA universe fact book

5.2 Inhibitor


Some civilizations are more complex to serve beauty-wise than others. It has been widely documented that some trade names fail to construct successful relationships with Muslim consumers because they fail to understand the consumers they are speaking to. Because of cultural and spiritual issues, adult females concentrating excessively much on expressions are considered to be evildoers and hence are non encouraged to concentrate on fancifying themselves.


India is a really monetary value sensitive market and therefore there is a desperate demand for advanced solutions to provide to the Indian penchants and budgets.

5.3 Trend Analysis

Key Trends in footings of merchandise classs:

Anti- ripening

Anti-ageing solutions are nascent but deriving land. It is the fastest turning section in the skin care market ( about 3 per cent of the overall tegument class, it has doubled in the last three old ages )

Brands & A ; CompaniesA in anti ripening

HUL – Pond ‘s Age Miracle Range

P & A ; G – Olay Entire Effectss: Contending the ‘7 marks of ageing ‘ ( lines and furrows, drooping, uneven skin tone, age musca volitanss, pores, obtuseness and waterlessness ) . Olay is a $ 2-billion trade name.


Garnier: In India since last decennary

Target Consumer for anti ripening: A Indian Women – looking for one merchandise that will assist her stay immature and beautiful ( Agelessness )

Consumer Activation: A Counters at cosmetics shops with guidance by adept beauty advisers at departmental shops and big modern retail mercantile establishments and farther instruction on skin care


Ayurveda is one of the most ancient medical traditions practiced in India, Sri Lanka and other South Asiatic states, and has a sound philosophical and experiential basis.A [ 4 ] A Ayurveda has several preparations for direction of aging and other tegument attention related conditions. Its literature describes over 200 herbs, minerals and fats to keep and heighten the wellness and beauty of the skin.A

Today there is one time once more a resurgence of penchant for natural merchandises, and in recent old ages at that place has been a great rush in the survey of Indian herbs.A [ 7 ] Thus trade names like Himalaya and Dabur Uveda have come to the bow. They offer specific solutions to clamber jobs.

For illustration: Himalaya offers Neem ( the dermis specializer ) , Acne and pimple pick, antiseptic pick, pes attention pick for clefts and a assortment of face battalions

Clinics for skin intervention: Clinics such as VLCC and KAYA provide acne, hair remotion and anti ripening interventions And this is in add-on to offering a scope of merchandises in tegument attention.

Fairness: Fairness picks have become the major drivers of the tegument attention section ‘s growing. Fair and Lovely dominates this market providing to the demands of Indian adult females who wish to be just ( just is beautiful ) and that excessively at a really low-cost monetary value. Another new tendency is the debut of Emami and Garnier ‘s fairness picks for work forces.

An overview of tendencies in India:

The gait of new brand/product launches in tegument attention remained robust in 2009.

Leading participants, including Hindustan Unilever Ltd, modernized their trade names with the add-on of new merchandise discrepancies to feed female consumer appetency for more sophisticated merchandises and male consumers increasing willingness to pay for specialised merchandises for work forces.

Skin attention continued to pull new participants, both in the mass and premium classs, and, despite concerns about economic and fiscal security in the first half of 2009, skin attention continued to see dynamic growing in 2009.

2009 value growing was somewhat higher than the CAGR of 12 % . Robust growing towards was driven by increasing consumer edification and premiumization.

Some consumers may hold traded up from basic merchandises such as Fair & A ; Lovely to more sophisticated discrepancies offered by mass trade names such as Ponds Flawless White, which incorporates SPF, UVAB filters and flat consequence.

Premium tegument attention grew somewhat faster at 15 % in current value footings than tegument attention as a whole in 2009. While skin attention gross revenues continued to be dominated by mass trade names in India, urban adult females progressively added one or two premium trade names such as Este Lauder and Artistry to their tegument attention regimen aboard basics such as Fair & A ; Lovely and Ponds

Viva-voce promotion for direct merchandising trade names and the turning visibleness of international trade names in mercantile establishments in the major metropoliss boosted the growing of premium merchandises in 2009.

Whitening and equity and glowing/clear skin color remained the most outstanding selling claims in skin attention in India in 2009 due to the predominating penchant of Indian consumers for just tegument.

Acne intervention trade names are normally available in cream/ointment, lotion and saloon soap formats. Cream/ointment is by far the most popular format, accounting for 81 % of value gross revenues of acne interventions in 2009.

In September 2009, Clean & A ; Clear Active Clear Acne Clearing Gel was launched by Johnson & A ; Johnson Ltd. Acne kits are non available in India, and gross revenues of acne intervention merchandises are dominated by chemists mercantile establishments.

L’Oreal India Pvt Ltd progressively stationed beauty advisers in upmarket chemists mercantile establishments to advance Vichy in Mumbai, Bangalore and Delhi. Nonetheless, due to its high monetary value points and premium placement, Vichy remained a extremely niche trade name in 2009.

The launch of Garnier Light Eye Roll On in early 2009 was a immense success as the merchandise highlighted the normally faced jobs of swelling of eyes and dark circles and leveraged consumers latent demand for such a merchandise.

The usage of face gowns and peel-off face masks is really common in India and the merchandises are chiefly used to better tegument skin color by taking dead tegument.

Facial cleansing agents witnessed a higher value growing rate in 2009 compared to 2008, spurred by the accent among freshly launched trade names such as Neutrogena ( Johnson & A ; Johnson Ltd ) and EverYuth Menz ( Cadila Healthcare Ltd ) on this class through their mass-media runs.

Furthermore, bing trade names with a loyal consumer base, such as StreetWear ( Modi Revlon Pvt Ltd ) , Nivea for Men ( Nivea India Pvt Ltd ) and Lactocalamine ( Piramal Healthcare Ltd ) , expanded their merchandise portfolio by establishing facial cleansing agents in 2009.

Even premium trade names such as Clinique ( Elca Cosmetics Pvt Ltd ) saw a robust addition in the gross revenues of their facial cleansing agents in 2009.


Lux: Today, the trade name is still to a great extent advertised inA IndiaA usingA BollywoodA stars. Madhubala, A Hema Malini, A Sridevi, A Madhuri Dixit, A Juhi Chawla, Rani MukerjiA have all been past trade name embassadors ] A Aishwarya Rai, A Priyanka ChopraA andA Katrina KaifA are the present trade name embassadors of Lux. In IndiaA Shahrukh KhanA was the first male in a Lux advertizement. LUX signed up the King Khan as its embassador for its 75th jubilation twelvemonth. This was rather interesting and made a jumble interrupting indorsement. Why SRK? We can merely theorize that he is a individual who relates to emotions rather strongly, particularly with ladies emotions. This could besides be a manner of the company desiring to make a wider infinite around the trade name LUX to provide to a wider mark group. Beauty being the cardinal subject and emotions being the infinite around beauty. In this regard, presently Abhi-ash ( Abhishek and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan ) endorse the trade name together.

We do n’t see much of male theoretical accounts making indorsement for soaps. Cinthol got Vinod Khanna, and it made the first grade in the consumer head of male soap.

Lifebuoy advertised with a clump of males and it was more orientated towards cleanliness and God wellness and non in the beauty infinite.

Dove: Trade name directors the universe over are intelligibly covetous. Imagine holding unearthing and exposing some of the neuroticisms adult females have about themselves, make a sensitive and credible selling run, and so – yes – inspire alteration! In 2004, Unilever ‘s Dove dared to establish this as its new placement.

And of class, it worked. Till day of the month, the trade name continues to stand out in its function as marketer-turned-social militant, while, of course, ne’er losing sight of the nucleus concern. “ What we ‘re acquiring a batch better at now is integrating the Campaign for Real Beauty message along with the product-specific, product-superiority sort of message, ” says Sharon MacLeod, Dove ‘s trade name director, on its development this twelvemonth. Ordinary adult females from different walks of life characteristic in Dove ads instead than famous persons which enhances credibility of the merchandise.

FAIR AND LOVELY: It ‘s the ultimate merchandise in India in providing to fairness demands of adult females. Ads highlight the predicament of dark adult females who are under confident and even ridiculed in society. Then one time they use FAL they are non merely just and glowing but besides confident about traveling out into the universe and acquiring a corporate occupation or going a ace star. Such ads have a mass entreaty. India is one state where adult females are judged and discriminated on the footing of their skin color and this trade name offers a solution to confronting that so called humiliation, hence it has sold like hot bars since its launch. A similar merchandise has been launched by other companies for fairness picks suited for work forces,

Ponds: The pools “ googli wooglie ” ads are supposed to be capturing and have been readily accepted by the clients. However, the launch of PONDS AGE MIRACLE has been rather successful. The ad reads “ see the alteration in your hubby ” i.e. PONDS reverses furrows and musca volitanss of ageing to transform oneself into one ‘s “ vernal ” ego. This trade name excessively does n’t utilize famous persons to do ads more credible and simple instead than utilizing famous persons who frequently divert the attending from the trade name to themselves

OLAY: Olay anti-ageing ads make extended usage of famous persons to back its trade name. these include Sushmita Sen, Gul Panag etc to vouch for these trade names. This adds credibleness to the trade name. This a premium trade name and largely symbolizes edification.

JOHNSON & A ; JOHNSON: Baby attention merchandises are virtually a monopoly. These ads feature angelic babes larning to walk, being cared for by their female parents etc. The merchandises are besides used by grownups with sensitive tegument. In order to provide to the demands of other grownup sections, Neutrogena provides cleansing agents toners moisturizers lotions anti-ageing picks etc. The trade name is endorsed by new age icons like Prachi Desai and Deepika Padukone. Clean & A ; Clear is a major trade name in intervention of acne with it ‘s acerb, face wash and hickey “ zapping ” unction.

5.5 Barriers TO ENTRY

India being a monetary value sensitive market there is low incursion by international trade names

High rate of new merchandise launches – Calls for ability to invariably update their merchandises to altering client demands or else the rival can brush the market off

High advertizement disbursement

Barriers specific to anti ageing sub section: A It is the working adult female who is more witting of the manner she looks instead than the adult female who stays at place. And in India that section is still little, unlike the Chinese market where there is a high population of working adult females. To that extent, the companies find it restricting to come in this section India. Besides merchandises are on the more expensive side. They are considered premium. For illustration, Olay is priced atA Rs 599 for a 50 gram pump jar Producing efficacious anti-aging solutions requires a batch of scientific discipline and research, which can turn out expensive. This compresses the mark market therefore detering companies from come ining this bomber section and viing with already established trade names commanding a high grade of trade name trueness.


It is viewed to be moderately priced and therefore is value for money. A humongous 100 % feel that the trade name is providing to the demands of the market. In India, it is no secret that adult females wish to be just, hence FAL provides the perfect solution at the best monetary value. Ads are believed to be superior to rivals but by a really little border. The ads have a mass entreaty and are considered suited to the trade name.


The positive responses point to the fastest turning sub section in skin attention: Anti-Ageing picks. OLAY is premium trade name ( non meant to provide to the multitudes ) . The trade name is viewed as really advanced and efficaciously provides a solution to the new-age demand of agelessness among adult females. There are other participants that dilute the impact of this trade name on consumer heads but OLAY has made an feeling with its famous person indorsements. PONDS anti ageing pick offer ads which are more attractive hence the OLAY ads are non able to construct an sole trade name perceptual experience in the heads of people.


Its value proposition is best among cold picks. It may non provide to the demands of all people as those with greasy tegument may take to avoid utilizing PONDS. The pick may do stickiness in such instances which can take to acne jobs. However, when it comes to utilizing a cold pick, most prefer this trade name. The ads are considered adorable and suited to the trade name. The new emerging demands for equity and anti-ageing solutions have non wholly overruled the importance of pools cold pick. Besides as noted earlier, PONDS “ See the difference in your hubby ” Anti-ageing picks are preferred in footings of ads


Oily tegument: For tegument which is more on the greasy side. A regular flatness base pick or even the anti oil picks available in the market causes flakes to roll up on the surface and oil based pick consequences in stickiness which may worsen acne. An oil control version of Fair and Lovely solved the job to some extent but it was still on the stickier side. Furthermore, this merchandise is non to be seen in the market any longer. There is a demand to provide to people with this tegument type as they frequently find themselves non utilizing moisturizers or sunblocks at all ( instead be tanned than have an acne eruption )

Elimination acne for good: There is no effectual sap cogent evidence method of forestalling repeating effusions of acne. People prone to acne succumb to outbreaks throughout their life. Even those who on a regular basis use cleansing agents to keep oil free tegument every bit good as anti acne picks or “ zap ” hickeies with anti-pimple acid based unctions have to confront them once more.

Anti-Radiation: Long-run exposure to radiation from telecastings, microwaves, cell phones, computing machines and laptops etc. increases the hazard of all signifiers of malignant neoplastic disease, tumours, blood upsets, abortion, concerns, insomnia and anxiousness. This we have heard but small do people know that it besides causes aging of the tegument by drying or pursing the tegument, skin burn, etc.A This signifier of skin harm is indistinguishable to sun harm and causes the same wellness jobs. Computer radiation is most harmful to clamber wellness because we sit straight in forepart of the computing machine for long periods of clip with our face absorbing the radiation. This may necessitate extended research and development on the portion of companies but a skin attention merchandise catering to protect one from these radiations can be regarded as a latent demand.

Hand attention: There is no merchandise specifically providing to this bomber section. Regular manicures are non executable to care for one ‘s custodies. Indian adult females ‘s custodies are abused in the class of rinsing apparels and dishes, Hands become unsmooth and difficult. Lotions, moisturizers and antiseptics entirely for one ‘s custodies are an unmet demand.

Premium tegument attention scope specially designed to accommodate work forces ‘s tegument is mostly unmet. The lone advancement in this regard is with respects the new entry of fairness picks for work forces. But there is a deficiency of moisturizers etc which are specific to their demands.

Specially designed childs skin attention scope: While Johnson & A ; Johnson caters to pamper attention, kids in the age of 5-14 do n’t hold a scope of merchandises providing to their demands. Children in this age group are considered to bask playing out-of-doorss and are therefore really active. Thus a specific scope under a trade name should be considered dwelling non merely of antiseptic soaps ( for contusions and roseolas ) sunscreen with higher SPF, talcum power / prickly heat pulverization for Sun Burnss but besides creams with certain chilling agents to maintain them fresh, picks that prevent loss of H2O from the organic structure etc.


Skin attention is forecasted to see a changeless value CAGR of 10 %

Growth is expected to be driven by basic merchandises such as cleansing agents and moisturisers instead than sophisticated merchandises, as a big proportion of the gross revenues are expected to come from the immature consumers in little metropoliss and towns.

Use of niche merchandises such as anti-ageing picks and specialized merchandises such as day/night moisturisers is besides expected to escalate

Addition in demand for natural and organic tegument attention and therefore bespeaking a market chance.