Advertising Analysis

Like the product is from another world but you the consumer can purchase then now. The actual ritual reality theme is portrayed in significant detail, which also sets this advertisement apart from the others. In the advertisement the background image which is part of the virtual look is lined, also known as interlaced, to create the feeling of virtual reality greatly increase. The two characters in the advertisement are specifically placed also. The actual background image has a wall in it so the producers set the 2 characters apart.

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By making the male close to the camera showing only the top half and the female counter part is set back on top of the wall to show the hole body and how real it is. The characters, male and female, look as if they are playing a virtual shooting game. The characters are holding fake guns that kick quite futuristic yet still portray an image of virtual reality. The advertisement incorporates a white border to show of the oranges of the advertisement. The bottom section of the advertisement is sort of cut off to add to the virtual reality feeling and to add to the feeling of being in the game also.

The bottom section is compiled of 4 sections. The first of the four sections is an artificial picture of an unrealistic gun and text confirming the consumer is on “Level four. This adds to the verticalness. The second section comprises of another advertisement for a product in which the consumer, a punk, rock, surfs-skater, would also be interested in. A specific brand name is also shown. The third and second last section is quite large to make you look at it and it comprises of the actual listing of the clothes and the prices of them.

This way the reader will know how much to expect to pay for the product and also now what to ask for if the product cannot be found in the store, GLUE. The fourth and final section tells you the reader of the advertisement the location of the stores so you know where to go the get the product. And also find out what else the store has to offer you. Also in the fourth section the logo is there. It is big compared to the rest of the text and it is also close to the location so you the consumer can not waste time in finding the location of the shops if the first thing you look at is the logo.

The logo, GLUE, is also extremely futuristic to go with the advertisement also. As you can see the confirmations of my first thought were true. The advertisement was specifically placed in the RECOVERY magazine as it is aimed at their target audience and the advertisement also stands out from the crowd with its bright colors and futuristic feel to it. SO now we know why the producer put this particular advertisement in the specific magazine to get it read but the target audience. All that’s left is to find out if the specific consumers met the producers’ plan.