Academic Honesty

Academic Marcelo. Honesty” were Pep Comas, Lorraine, and Edith 4. When was the article published? The first article “Academic Honesty and Online Courses” published in 2006. The second article “Faculty perception on Student Academic Honesty’ was published in 2003. 5. Was the article peer-reviewed? Yes both of the articles called “Academic Honesty and Online Courses” and Faculty Perception on Student Academic Honesty”‘ were both peer-reviewed. * 6. In what database did you find the article? * The database I used to find the articles “Academic Honesty and Online

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Courses” and “Faculty Perception on Student Academic Honesty” was called Powerhouses. Identify and list the issues related to online academic honesty. 1. The issues related to online academic honesty has to deal with the tools online that are offered that can make academic honesty very hard. The examples I have to support this is for instance the web search engine called Google where if you are looking for answers you can put in the search box and you will find it. So it makes your work not as honest as if you had to do the research like in a library.

Also other tools that are offered are if you have a essay to do you can search online and get the paper already done or purchase it. All these tools play a big part in the key of online academic honesty. * Prepare a list of steps you may take to avoid the problems you listed as issues with online academic honesty. 1. I would make sure what I’m searching for online is accurate. 2. Also would make sure that I reference anything I get off the internet. 3. Would make sure that am not taking credit for someone else’s work. 4. I would use the tools offered by my college to make sure my paper doesn’t have any sort of plagiarism.