If an instructor becomes aware that a communication has come from an alternate address, the instructor may not reply at his or her discretion. The instructor and university reserve the right to modify elements of the course during the term. The university may change the dates and deadlines or any or all courses in extreme circumstances. If either type of modification becomes necessary, reasonable notice and communication with the students will be given with explanation and the opportunity to comment on changes. It is the responsibility of the student to check his/her Master email and course websites weekly during the term and to note any changes.

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The Student Success Centre is to help students be their best selves. They are located in Gilmore Hall Room 1 10. They will help students as they make choices, learn from experience and develop/improve skills that will prepare hem for future success upon graduation. The management team consists of Gina Robinson (Career and Employment) ext. 27633 or [email protected] Ca, and Jeremy Candor (Transition and Academic Success and Service-Learning and Leadership) ext. 24488 or [email protected] Ca. Should you need their assistance, do not hesitate to contact them for the appropriate internship you require. Welcome to IPPP(e)! I look forward to working with you this term.

If you should need any questions answered, please do not hesitate to call me at home (905) 637-2787 and I will be happy to discuss them. If you need to see me, am at class at least a twenty minutes before lecture, so we can make an appointment for that time. If that is not suitable, we can arrange to meet earlier before or after lecture in my office in K. T. H. 217.