A Report Of Food And Agriculture Organization Marketing Essay

Executive Summary

Dates are the most popular and of import portion in the nutrient of the UAE. Most of the portion of the cultivated land of the UAE is used to bring forth day of the months. More than 40 million day of the month thenar trees have been planted in the state. It is the most common sight in UAE. 60 % of the entire agribusiness production histories for legion truths of day of the months. Focus of this undertaking is to present day of the months in the international market in such a state where it has ne’er been used. The state where the day of the months of the UAE will be sold is Sweden. Dates from UAE will be imported here and sold in the local market of Sweden. Dates produced in UAE are of really high quality and are perfect for the international criterions of selling. There are entire 600 assortments of day of the months grown in the universe out of which 73 assortments are grown entirely in UAE. The mark market will be provided with a broad scope of merchandises. Dates are non found in Sweden nor are these imported here. It will be the first clip of day of the months in the Swedish market without any rivals. Climate of Sweden is non excessively much different than that of UAE. Most portion of state has drier clime in comparing to other states at same latitude. Promotion of the merchandise will be needed as it is a wholly new merchandise for the people of Sweden. The human resource required for the new concern will hold to be good cognizant of the market schemes, client demands, legal and other issues of the state. The major hazard involved in the concern is that if the people of Sweden do non like the day of the months as they have ne’er used it earlier. A wholly new channel will be established to import day of the months from UAE and if the merchandise goes unsuccessful than the cost of such a immense constitutions will be wasted. If the day of the months gets successful in the Swedish market than it will give a good foreign concern to the UAE.

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Table of Contentss

Executive Summary 2

Introduction 4

Business Concept 5

Merchandise Analysis 6

Environmental Assessment 9

Market Entry Strategy 10

Marketing Strategy 10

Market Analysis 10

Merchandise Strategies 11

Pricing Schemes 12

Topographic point or Distribution Schemes 12

Promotion Strategies 13

Competitive Schemes 13

Human Resource Strategies 15

SWOT Analysis 15

Strengths 15

Failings 16

Opportunities 16

Menaces 16

Decision 16

Mention 17


The company is presently covering in the day of the month ‘s concern merely in UAE and some other states of the Middle East part. But now the house is spread outing its concern in other parts as good. Sweden is portion of the European Union and making concern in such trade understandings is helpful for the enlargement. The house will present its day of the months and day of the month merchandises to the Sweden. This measure will take the company in front of the political barriers and restraints of making foreign concern. Another major benefit of this international undertaking will be that the company will come in the place market of companies which are presently making concern in UAE and selling the replacement of day of the months and its merchandises. The growing of the UAE is non merely driven by industrial, oil and building growing but besides due to the growing in the agribusiness and production of day of the months. Date is one of the most basic nutrient stuffs for the people in the Middle East. More than 60 % of the agricultural merchandise of the UAE is the production of different assortments of day of the months. The clime of the state is one of the major grounds for the heavy production of day of the months in the state. Palm trees can be seen really normally throughout the UAE where day of the months are grown as a traditional and popular nutrient of the people. The day of the months produced in some countries of UAE have a particular quality and are good known all over the universe. Dates are an of import portion of the agribusiness sector of the UAE. There are more than 40 million day of the month thenar trees in the state which is a good mark of potency for the commercial production of day of the months. The day of the month thenar trees occupy about 30 % country of the land allocated for production of fruits in UAE. In 2005 UAE held 3rd place at international degree as a major manufacturer of day of the months. Egypt and Saudi Arabia were at the first and 2nd places severally. In 1971 the entire production of day of the months in UAE was merely 8,000 metric tones which were increased in 1995 by the entire production of 240,000 metric tones. This inordinate production of day of the months is exported to assorted European states and helps to bring forth international currency. ( Date Palm Culture in UAE ) ( UAE ‘s day of the month with Dates, 2007 )

Business Concept

Dates are produced in the UAE in abundant. Harmonizing to a study of Food and Agriculture organisation UAE produces 37 % of the day of the months of the sum market which makes UAE the universe ‘s 4th largest manufacturer of the value of day of the months. The entire production of day of the months in the UAE is much higher than the ingestion in the state. Major portion of the production is being exported to other states like, India, USA, UK, and some European states. The volume of production of day of the months and exported day of the months has been increasing for the past 40 old ages in all over the universe. Date fruit is now been used in about every portion of the universe. But production of day of the months is still constrained to a few states because of the hot and dry clime of the parts.

The company is one of the prima houses of day of the months and its merchandises. It has been functioning the industry in the UAE for the past 20 old ages with its quality merchandise and services. The company strives for supplying the clients with the best merchandises and quality of day of the months that is being produced in the state. The company is presently making concern merely in the place state i.e. UAE. The vision of the house is to “ do cognizant you with the existent gustatory sensation of day of the month ” . The house ‘s concern ends are to supply the best possible quality of day of the month merchandises to its clients in UAE and in other states as good.

Dates are used in sweet and other sweet points in European states so the fruit is being exported at that place but there are still some states where the market of day of the months is still untasted and Sweden is one of them. The taking exporters of day of the months Tunisia and Algeria majorly exports at that place merchandises to European markets of high value and have much higher export monetary values as compared to other exporters. So the UAE can easy aim the Swedish nutrient market with its high quality day of the month fruits. The environment of the state is besides really helpful for international trades and concern. Targeting a European state will besides be helpful to achieve high value export instead than high measure. ( Zaid. )

Merchandise Analysis

The company is presently offering day of the months in assorted bundles in the UAE and while spread outing the concern to Sweden the merchandise offered to the state will be less in the initial stage because of the hazard involved in the concern and as the concern gets successful in the state the scope of merchandises will be improved and following will the complete merchandise scope in the Swedish market:

Press Packs & A ; Vacuum Packs

Plain & A ; Pitted Battalions

Almonds & A ; Nut Stuffed

Basket & A ; Illusions

The day of the months are widely used in dessert nutrient points like bars and pastries so this scope of merchandise will be successfully marketed in the Swedish market of day of the months.

Dates have been an of import nutrient merchandise of Middle East part since the ancient times. Archaeological groundss prove day of the months have been cultivated in the part since 4,000 BC. Dates are by and large being eaten dry and soft. Stuffing and seeding of day of the months are besides done with materials like Prunus dulciss, marchpane, orange or lemon. Chopped day of the months are besides used in fixing assorted sweet and savory dishes like puddings, bars, staff of life and many more dessert points. Dates will supply a new scope of these sweets and sweet merchandises in Sweden. Dates contain high tannic acid which is used in medical specialty as a detergent and hemostatic in bowels related jobs. Syrup, paste, or decoction of day of the months can be used to alleviate many diseases like febrility, cold, and sore pharynx. The whole merchandise can be used to antagonize many wellness jobs and diseases. Many traditional medical specialties are prepared from day of the months. Dates give a alone rich degree of alimentary value. 70-78 % portion of the day of the months is occupied by sugars that are utile for easy soaking up and transition of nutrient into energy. Thus day of the months are a speedy beginning of energy and verve. Dates contain highest ratio of proteins and least harmful fats than all other fruits. 2 % weight of day of the months is proteins and merely 2-3 % portion is of fats which are harmless vegetable fats without any cholesterin in it. Due to the abundance of contained minerals day of the months are besides called ‘mine ‘ . 40-72 milligram phosphors, 2-4 milligram of Fe, 65-71 milligram Ca, 65 milligram sulfur, 65 milligram Mg, 90 milligram K, 9 milligram Na and 3mg of Cl is contained in each 100 gram day of the month fruit. High ratio of P and Mg is capable of forestalling ontological jobs. That is why malignant neoplastic disease jobs are non found frequently in Arab people.A Many of import vitamins like A, D, and B are found in day of the month fruit. Dates contain some of the of import vitamins like A, D and BB. This fruit contains a substance that is really utile for pregnant adult females during bringing clip and for the wellness of both female parent and kid. Dates are used as a redress for disease of urethra as it one of the best purifier diuretic drug which is besides helpful in taking the extra sum of salt from the organic structure. ( Emirates Dates – Facts & A ; Benefits )

Following chart shows the alimentary value of day of the months:


Nutritional Value


Good for Digestive System

prevent bowel related job

easy to absorb and change over into energy


Natural cathartic

Prevention from tooth decay

Remove microbial poisons


Prevent opportunities of diarrhoea

Prevention from tooth decay


Treatment for Fe lack

Anemia bar

Improved sexual efficiency


Reduced bosom disease

Controlled blood force per unit area

Healthy dentitions and castanetss


Necessary for birthrate

Growth of nervous system


Healthy dentitions and castanetss

( Emirates Dates – Facts & A ; Benefits )

Environmental Assessment

Engagement in international concern besides involves assorted transverse cultural activities and challenges. For set uping a successful concern and relaxed work environment in a state it is required for the organisation to understand and inherit concern cultural of that state. To get down a successful concern of day of the months export in Sweden the UAE must see some cardinal points:

Egalitarianism: Sense of equality of worlds in political and economic and societal facets is an indispensable portion of concern civilization in Sweden. Agreement and via media are profoundly rooted in the societal and concern life of the state.

Communication: Swedish manner of communicating is rather direct and informal which might sound blunt sometimes even it is non meant to. Swedish people give bend to others to show their sentiment but boulder clay so one should non be interrupted. Swedish concern people avoid touching except a handshaking, backslapping and embrace should be wholly avoided in the state.

Dress Etiquettes: In Swedish concern environment people think for conservative than in any other state. The sense of equality applies here besides. Senior executives are non allowed to have on anything brassy that can make a sense of lower status in the employees of junior degree.

In an one-year trade study the World Economic Forum listed Sweden is in the universe ‘s top states which are best suited for international concern and investings. Sweden was ranked at 5th place in the universe ranking of the states best for making concern with. The cardinal factors behind the place are indulgent boundary line disposal, effectual conveyance, and better communicating system, and better work environment. ( Sweden )

Market Entry Strategy

Dates are wholly a fresh merchandise for Sweden. Dates have ne’er been bought or sold in the Swedish market. So it might be a spot hard to sell the fruit in the state. But if day of the months take a strategic way to come in the fruit market of Sweden than it will certainly be successful. As there is no other exporter of day of the months in Sweden so the UAE will non confront any major competition with other exporting states and one time the day of the month market of UAE is established in Sweden than it would be difficult plenty for a rival to come in the concern. Dessert points like bars, pastries, puddings are extremely used in European states and same is the instance with Sweden. Dates will supply a new scope of daintiness to these points which is really savoury in gustatory sensation and celebrated for its gustatory sensation. So first of all these complementary merchandises of day of the months should be promoted in the state to develop and somewhat increase the demand of day of the months in Swedish markets. The European states give a higher value for exported merchandises. So the quality of day of the months exported in Sweden will be better than other importers. The best quality of day of the months from the lands of UAE will be in the Swedish market to increase the assortment of nutrient merchandises. ( Zaid. )

Selling Scheme

Market Analysis

The fruits available in the Swedish fruit market are banana, apple, berries, pears, grapes, oranges and blood oranges. The entire fruit ingestion in Sweden in twelvemonth 2000 was 502,000 dozenss with the value of 7,430 million Swedish Kroner. The merchandise offered by the company in the Swedish fruit market is Dates which is a organic fruit harmonizing to the national criterions of the state. The ingestion of organic fruits in the Swedish fruit market was 4,000 dozenss in twelvemonth 2000 which was 0.8 % of the entire fruit ingestion. The value of organic fruits was 80 million Swedish Kroner which was merely 1.1 % portion of the entire value of fruit ingestion. As the market portion of organic fruits in Sweden is really less so the merchandise of the company will hold a bright hereafter in the market. The quality of and features of the day of the months will derive a competitory border over other fruits available in the part. There is a heavy demand of fruits like strawberries, figs, papaia, blueberries and raspberries in the fruit market of Sweden which is non being supplied decently. 90 % of the organic fruits are imported in Sweden. So the day of the months will be a better replacement of the fruits that are in heavy demand in the market. 80 % of the nutrient ingestion in the Sweden is done through the retail sector of the state. The supermarkets of the Sweden sell most of the fruits and nutrient merchandises of the state so the market section of the day of the months will be the supermarkets and other retail merchants in the state. The mark market will be the urban population of the state as they are the regular clients of the supermarkets. Dates will be made available to each and every consumer section of the Swedish market as it is extremely organic fruit and other organic fruits available in the state do non cover market sections other than the supermarkets and retail ironss. The market of day of the months will be divided into different consumer sections based on standards like, age group, demographically, geographically and criterion of life. The merchandise dates is a standard fruit point in the Swedish market. The wadding of the merchandise will be done so that there will non be any loss during the transit in the mass or the quality of day of the months. There will be many fancy battalions and baskets available which can be used as gifts are nowadayss. ( World Markets for Organic Fruit and Vegetables )

Merchandise Schemes

The merchandise offered to the fruit market of the Sweden is Dates which is an organic fruit from the lands of UAE. Dates are extremely utile and healthy fruits used as a redress of many wellness issues. The trade name offering the merchandise in the Swedish market is a good known name in the UAE. It has been providing the same merchandise in the UAE for the past 10 old ages and is now stepping in the international concern. Different bundles of day of the months will be available in the market for every consumer section. The packaging of the merchandise will be harmonizing to the cultural environment of the state. There will be several battalions of day of the months available in the market.

Press Packs & A ; Vacuum Packs

Plain & A ; Pitted Battalions

Almonds & A ; Nut Stuffed

Basket & A ; Illusions

( The Marketing Mix ( The 4 P ‘s of Marketing ) . )

Pricing Schemes

Pricing schemes for the merchandise is of extremely importance as it a fresh merchandise for the Swedish market and the company has to set up the concern in the state. The monetary value of the merchandises should be kept higher plenty so that the company can be able to bring forth the cost of concluding merchandise made available to the client. At the same clip the cost should non be higher than its value for the clients. So to last the market in the Sweden the company has to follow different pricing schemes at different phases of the concern. There will besides be a balance between the quality and the cost of merchandise.

Penetration Pricing: This scheme will be used for the merchandise in Sweden in the initial phase of the concern as day of the months are new in the fruit market and there is some hazard involved. So is necessary to maintain the monetary values lower in the initial phase and increase them bit by bit as the concern starts capturing the market portion.

Monetary value Skimming: After deriving competitory border over the viing fruits the monetary value of the merchandise will be kept higher due the advantage and the value added in the merchandise. ( The Marketing Mix ( The 4 P ‘s of Marketing ) . )

Topographic point or Distribution Schemes

Distribution of merchandises is another of import factor for successful selling of a merchandise. The fruit market of the Sweden is so competitory that if the day of the months are non placed for selling at appropriate topographic point so it might non be as successful and celebrated in Swedish market as it is in the UAE. We will besides offer place bringing services. The best topographic point to sell a new nutrient merchandise in Sweden is to provide it to the supermarkets and the nutrient markets. Large portion of fruits and nutrient merchandises are being sold from these shops. There are 4 major supermarkets and retail merchant concatenation in Sweden which accounts for more than 70 % of the entire gross revenues of fruits and nutrient merchandises. These are: ICA Group, KF Group, Axfood, and Bergendahls. These shops are the favourite shopping topographic points of the consumers of Sweden or organic fruits and other nutrient merchandises. ( The Marketing Mix ( The 4 P ‘s of Marketing ) . )

Promotion Schemes

Lack of appropriate publicity schemes for a merchandise may take the merchandise to disappear in a extremely competitory market. Proper selling and stigmatization of a merchandise is extremely demandable to acquire established in a new and international market. Dates are new in the fruit market of the Sweden so they need to be promoted in the state to pull more and more clients and purchase it for one time at least. Promotion an advertizement of day of the months and other day of the month merchandises of the company must be done on telecasting, wireless, and wherever possible in the initial stage. Promotion runs may besides include giving some attractive offers and gift verifiers to the first 100 clients of the merchandise at every shop. So publicity of day of the months must be done intensively at supermarkets and nutrient shops which sell these merchandises to the clients. ( The Marketing Mix ( The 4 P ‘s of Marketing ) . )

Competitive Schemes

The most unsafe rivals for day of the months and day of the month merchandises of the company are the organic fruits and nutrient merchandise which are marketed with the trade name name of ICA Group, largest retail merchant in the Norse part. The ICA is increasing its market portion in the organic fruits and is targeted for 10 % portion of the market. Although the day of the months are the highest merchandising fruit in the UAE and Middle East part so the quality of the merchandise is certainly the best and therefore the company is spread outing its concern to the international market. The future aims of the rivals of the company are to present more assortments in their merchandise scope to increase more mark market and increase gross revenues volume. As a consequence, they want to do place for their trade name by maintaining in consumer heads. The current scheme for the rivals in orders to increase the gross revenues volume and because two of tem are big groups so it will be extremely competitory for the company to stay in the market as these groups can alter their pricing schemes to keep their market portion. As the program of the company is to spread out its markets by come ining new international markets, its rivals may alter their programs to copy the merchandise of the company. They may besides import day of the months from the Gulf states and do aggressive publicity. In fact, the rivals are non excessively unsafe for the company. The grounds why are non excessively unsafe are:

The company offers a wholly new merchandise scope in the Swedish fruit and nutrient market

Brand place in UAE

Profitableness of the established concern in UAE

With aggressive selling run, and low monetary value, the company creates distinction for its merchandises. As the day of the months fabricating company will fulfill its consumers by presenting them quality merchandises which will be deserving their money, the clients will disregard the high monetary value because of the influencing emotional factor. Above all, consumers will choose a merchandise that has benefits to them. In other words, as a merchandise satisfies clients ‘ wants and demands, so a company creates a place for its trade name that they place their merchandises in consumers ‘ heads. ( World Markets for Organic Fruit and Vegetables )

Human Resource Schemes

The company is come ining the fruit market of Sweden with its well known and celebrated merchandise day of the months. Entering in international concern requires assorted international criterions to be followed in every procedure of the concern, Human resource schemes are one of them. Sweden is a developed state and the work force of the state is divided between lumber, Fe and hydropower. The rate of unemployment is worsening twelvemonth by twelvemonth in Sweden. Child labour is purely prohibited in the state. Peoples of the rural countries of Sweden are switching to urban countries of the state. The state does non back up the migration of people. So there will be less handiness of immigrated labour in the state. Cultural dazes can be handled by rearward cultural daze technique. The procedure is called Repatriation. The company must follow International Human Resource Management rules in enrolling new staff. Company will hold to enroll new employees for making concern in Sweden. The new direction that will manage the concern in Sweden must be cognizant of diverse civilization of both the states. The new directors must hold an apprehension of making concern in the Sweden. The company will follow the Polycentric attack of Human Resource Management. The top degree direction will be from the parent state i.e. UAE and the lower degree staff will be appointed from host state i.e. Sweden. This policy is followed because of the higher force per unit area of local response. The cost of labour will be lower but the cost of developing the new staff will be higher in this attack. By come ining the international concern the local direction will heighten their experience. The mixture of local and host work force will besides be helpful in transportation of cognition from one terminal to other. ( Treven, 2001 )

SWOT Analysis


Dates of UAE are universe broad popular for their quality.

The company has its trade name image in the UAE which will be helpful in come ining the international concern.

Wide scope of merchandises offered by the company.


This is the first clip the company is making concern in international market.

Lack of skilled staff for international concern.

Dates are a new merchandise for Sweden so no old informations is available to calculate the concern.


No other company imports day of the months in Sweden so it may be a great concern chance for the company.

If the concern gets successful the company might spread out its concern to other states as good.

Sweden offers the highest value on imported merchandises.


The population might non accept the new fruit in the local market.

The rivals are immense they may besides get down importing day of the months.

The rivals might alter their pricing schemes to derive competitory advantage.


The above study on the international concern shows that the company which is come ining in the international concern will confront certain challenges while come ining the concern and it besides has some strength which will be helpful to stay competitory in the market. Dates will be a fresh merchandise for the Swedish fruit market so it will non confront any significant competitions ab initio but the rivals in the Sweden are the immense retailing companies which imports fruits from states and supply in Sweden so they can besides get down importing day of the months. The fruit market of the Sweden will besides turn with day of the months as another option for the people of the state.